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What, Exactly, Is The Third Eye? -Third Eye_ Third Eye Activation Mastery, Proven And Fast Working Techniques To Increase Awareness And Consciousness NOW ! – third eye, opening the third eye, astral projection, lucid dreaming 

How many eyes do you normally have? Well, you, obviously, know of two; the physical ones that are conspicuous and clearly located within your face. But there are, very likely, times that you see something for the first time, yet you have this feeling that it is not exactly new. Chances are that you had visualized whatever it is you are seeing now, but at a subconscious level. And much as we may be using subconscious here, in certain disciplines, it comes across as a level of, say – higher consciousness. At certain times too, you have this strong feeling about something and you may reckon it is your mind directing your line and density of thought, yet it happens to be a function of your third eye. So you cannot wonder that it is sometimes referred to as your mind’s eye.

Has the third eye always existed? (What, Exactly, Is The Third Eye?)

From the old school of thought, the third eye has a lot to do with the mystical – some extraordinary ability to perceive things you cannot see with your naked eyes. In fact, in many cases, it is seen as ability to perceive things even before they happen; the reason the third eye is sometimes referred to as the speculative and invisible eye. Of course, since it is not visible it is also termed the inner eye. And, in a somewhat amusing way, in some faiths, it is even given a location. In Hinduism, for example, it is said to be on your brow – right between your eyebrows, but slightly above the eyebrow junction. You have possibly seen members of the Hindu community wear a red mark right on that spot.

In theosophy, which is a study of the divine within the Greek philosophy, the third eye is considered as being located within the pineal gland. This is a serious subject but it is sprinkled with funny aspects. When it comes to this discipline that is theosophy, for instance, it is believed that once upon a time – sounds like a tale of the ogres – the human third eye used to be physically located right at the back of your head (oops!). Sure – and it did perform both the physical role of watching and also the spiritual role of seeing the invisible.

Then, what the heck happened?(What, Exactly, Is The Third Eye? )

Well, ever heard that once upon a time you were monkeys? And then you learnt how to walk on twos and your brain developed somewhat and you became the bright beings that you are today? That is called evolving. And so, apparently, you may have had that physical third eye in those early stages of development, and it sort of dissolved or disappeared into your cranium (too much imagination here…), and now what you are left with is the ability to sense out-of-body things from your pineal gland.

Scientific perspective to the third eye (What, Exactly, Is The Third Eye? )

Incidentally, some highly educated people seem to see a lot of sense in the third eye and are trying to understand its mode of operation better. There is this doctor of psychiatry, Dr. Rick Strassman, who tends to see some link between the pineal gland and the excretion of the chemical, entheogen. Entheogen, for your information is said to induce different states of consciousness. So you see – the existence of the third eye is not a matter of mythical stories; religious hypnosis and fanaticism; or such other not-easy-to-believe practices. It is some reality that you may wish to appreciate; acknowledge, and even make use of.

And what is the modern sense of the third eye?(What, Exactly, Is The Third Eye? )

In the present day, the third eye does not change its basics since it is still invisible and not necessarily easy to comprehend; but it is associated more with enlightenment of sorts. It is also associated with your ability to understand and make best use of your chakras – those nerve centers that exist in different parts of your body, and which have a lot to do with your emotional, psychological and spiritual welfare.

In a religious sense, the third eye has got a lot to do with visions. In this respect, people who make good use of their third eye are often believed to be seers. On the overall, the third eye has plenty to do with non-physical experiences as well as precognition.

How, for the love of mystery and wit, do I begin to comprehend the third eye?(What, Exactly, Is The Third Eye? )

Yeah – if you are not into chakras and visions, you may be wondering what will make you understand the third eye better. Here is a case that will ring a bell: Supposing your friend is grieving and you find that whatever words you prepare to say as a show of solidarity are not sufficient. Just being around this friend and showing empathy does wonders; your friend understands that you are communicating empathy and solidarity. You know what you are effectively doing in this case? You are utilizing the power of the third eye to send your heartfelt emotions to that person. The truth is that you and everyone else have the third eye. And evidently, your third eye does not just receive information, it also transmits it.

Another way of looking at the third eye (What, Exactly, Is The Third Eye? )

You know what a student portal is, don’t you? The site where you log into and access whatever that appertains to you as a student – a place that is highly concentrated with information useful to you in particular and not the entire institution in general. That is precisely what your third eye is like – a portal that is concentrated with such great and positive energy, that it is able to sharpen your thinking and direct your focus. As such you find yourself with a high level of intuition; imagination; creativity; and also wisdom. And you can now see how you get to the high level of consciousness.

Does the third eye make you a psychic? (What, Exactly, Is The Third Eye? )

It is said that some people have their third eye open in a natural way, but you can also make a deliberate move to have your third eye open. Those people with their third eye very wide open from birth and they are aware of it are the ones you consider psychic. In their lot are some, in fact, who have been relied upon to help in criminal investigations because the energies of their third eye direct their focus on where the action is even without their physical presence.

Of course opening your third eye is not necessarily going to produce a psychic out of you, but you will, definitely, be more aware of your environment – the positive and negative energy within it – and even be realistic about the possibilities of certain eventualities.

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