Truly Believing Or Wishful Thinking

Truly Believing Or Wishful Thinking

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With all the success people have had using the LOA, it still surprises me that so many people think it’s all bologna. But after talking to people about it I have come to understand why that is. The biggest problems with The Law of Attraction not working for people are due to these 3 things.

  1. Most people don’t actually believe with all of their heart and
    soul, The Law of Attraction to be true. Believing in it wholeheartedly
    is absolutely necessary for it to work.
  2. People who do believe in it don’t have a full understanding of
    how it works. There are specific things that play a very large role in
    how it works. What’s more than that, people may know what these
    things are, but are not grasping the concept of how to properly use
  3. The people that do completely believe in the LOA simply don’t
    know how to see or recognize the answers to their requests or
    questions when those answers are shown to them. Not recognizing the
    answers The Universe puts in front of you prevents the actions we
    must take to attaining our goal.

In this book I vow to do my best to show you how to identify when God or The Universe is talking to you and how to understand what it is He is trying to convey.

Most people who have tried The Law of Attraction think of only the basic steps (asking, believing, visualizing and receiving). Then when they try these simple steps, of course it doesn’t work. Doing it this way people usually only see some small results. They might notice more coincidences than usual or they seem to get a bit closer to their goals. However, because they did not follow all of the instructions in their most specific forms, these people never fully received what they wanted.

I know that so many people truly want to believe and some honestly think that they do believe in The Law of Attraction, but in reality, they don’t. Maybe they want to believe in it because they have seen The Law of Attraction work for others or maybe they are just open-minded people. Maybe some of these people have even seen it work for them, themselves, but they chocked it up to coincidence when their larger dreams didn’t manifest. But subconsciously, somewhere in their hearts they have their doubts. As long as those doubts remain, it won’t matter how much someone wants to truly believe in The Law of Attraction. It will simply never workout for them this way.

And then there are the people like my husband who think that ‘wishing’ and ‘hoping’ is the same as believing. My husband always says that he believes that the LOA works. Unfortunately, along with those words, there is always a contradiction with the statement.

For instance, my husband complains a lot about not being able to save money and about his long commute to work. When he complains about money, I remind him of The Law of Attraction and point out to him that the complaining he is doing is only causing more money saving problems for him.

Overall my husband is a happy person despite his commute and money saving issues. He is a joy to be around and he really knows how to make people laugh. The kids love him to death and he gives them all the attention they need when he gets home. It’s just a few certain things that bother him but when they do, he dwells on them.

Dwelling on a problem is the absolute worst thing you can do. When my husband pays the bills, he actually allows his stomach to get upset over it. It’s true, he tells me so. There is no reason that anyone should allow himself to feel this way about anything. Always remember, the more emotion you put into a thought the faster that thought comes true. This includes all the things you are unhappy or nervous about. What’s more, if it’s already true, the situation will just get worse.

It’s not fun paying bills, I know. But always try to do your best not to dwell or allow yourself to get upset about it. You will have to pay the bill anyway, so really there is no point in getting upset over it. It’s not going to change your circumstances. If you feel yourself getting upset over it, just start thinking about how thankful for the service or item you received that you are paying the bill for. If you are paying an extra large electricity bill and you begin feeling angry that the bill is so high, try and think to yourself, “Well, at least we have electricity. I am thankful that we at least have that.” And if you have the money to pay that bill, think to yourself, “I sure am thankful that I can pay this bill so that we can keep enjoying the electricity that we have.”

I have also heard of people writing the words, Thank You for services rendered, or (what ever the service was provided.). They write it on the bill, put it in the envelope with the check and send it off. There is a psychology to this, which we will get to a bit later when we discuss gratitude.

I will be the first person to agree that my husband has a hard life. He has to commute, sometimes 4 hours of driving a day. Then he works 8-10 hours of hard physical labor. When he comes home every night from another long drive, he walks into a house with 3 kids who desperately need his attention. All the poor guy wants to do is fall asleep on the couch. Yes, his life is very difficult. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

I try and tell him that we can move closer to his work. It is absolutely possible. He has better credit than anyone I have ever met and we own our home. There are definitely ways to do it. But all he keeps saying is, “We can’t move closer. It’s impossible. I don’t want to have a larger mortgage. I don’t have this, I don’t have that, Blah Blah Blah..”

I have come up with several plans on how we can move closer. But, of course, my husband will always come up with something wrong with the plan. Instead of saying, “I don’t have the money,” he should be saying, “WHEN we have the money we’ll move and it will be great!”

“If you think you can or if you think you can’t either way you are right” –Henry Ford I love my husband. He is the best man I know. He has a great job, he brings in great money and he works harder than anyone I know. But if he really wants to be promoted, then he needs to stop saying that he never will be. If he wants to move closer to work, then he needs to start saying that it will happen in due time. It is only when he begins to focus on these positive outcomes that these things will begin to go his way.

Sometimes when my husband comes home to me he says, “Boy, you sure have a great life, don’t you,” he says this in a joking manner, of course. I just put up my feet, smile and say to him, “Why yes I do.”

When using The Law of Attraction, you must find the bright side to every given situation, and yes, there is a bright side to every given situation. As I said, my husband hates his commute. I tell him that he should get some audio books or listen to the radio. Do you know what he listens to when driving home? He listens to talk shows about money and the economy. It’s no wonder he hates his commute so much.

I try and tell him to focus on the fact that at least he has some down time before he gets home to us. He should try and think of it as his break before he gets home and has to work again. Always looking on the bright side takes practice and training and repetition, but it’s a very doable thing.

Many people are hard workers and have high goals and aspirations. Some people have big hopes and dreams and are wishful thinkers. These are great qualities to have but it’s not what true believing really is. Hoping and wishing is not what The Law of Attraction is about. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. When using The LOA correctly, you cannot hope for something to happen. You have to know that it’s going to happen.

Holding onto dreams is an absolute must in order to bring them about into your life. But many people who hold on to their dreams also hold onto something else. They also hold onto all the reasons their dreams won’t come true. What I mean by this is that they dream, but they also constantly keep in mind that it hasn’t happened yet and also, all the reasons it hasn’t happened yet.

Many of these people have the idea in their head that simply having high hopes and desires is using The Law of Attraction. Right there they are missing the whole point. It is never a bad thing to be a wishful thinker but that is not going to bring you closer to your goals. Wishing and knowing are two different things.

Another thing that will for sure hold you back from achieving your goals is pessimism. If you are living your life by Murphy’s Law, (everything that can go wrong, will go wrong), then guess what? By default, that is exactly what is going to happen for you. Pessimism and The LOA are on two opposite ends of the field. Try and remove any pessimism from your life. You will be amazed at the results you will see just by applying this one simple gesture.

It is impossible to be pessimistic and believe in The Law of Attraction at the same time.

Believing is the key to everything in life. If you want to become a successful at anything, then you must absolutely believe and know for a fact that you will achieve it. Everything that we know will happen for a fact will happen for a fact.

You may be someone who really wants to believe in The Law of Attraction but still have your doubts. You may find that there are moments that you really do honestly believe in it and then there are moments that you don’t.

If you really want to believe in the LOA then use the LOA to help you to believe and remove your doubts. Take those small moments that you do believe and run with them. During those moments that you find yourself believing in it, get excited about it and thank The Universe for helping you to believe in The Law of Attraction at that moment.

Everyone has doubts every now and then. Not necessarily about whether The Law of Attraction works or not, but sometimes even when knowing that it works we can still have doubts about whether we can make our dreams come true. This is natural, especially if you are just beginning to use The Law of Attraction.

Use The Law of Attraction to help you to believe in it and your dreams to a greater extent. When you find yourself in a moment of full faith, be thankful for that moment and then ask The Universe to help you to believe in it in this way more often. You will find yourself slowly beginning to have more and more faith in it as time goes on. And the more faith you have in it, the better it works in fulfilling your dreams.

Only do this during the moments that you find yourself truly believing in it. Don’t do it during moments that you are feeling in doubt. You can’t trick The Universe. If you try and thank The Universe for helping you have more faith in the LOA during a moment that you are actually doubting it, those doubts will shine brighter than the northern star and in return you will keep feeling more doubt.

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