Troubleshooting Your Awakening

Troubleshooting Your Awakening

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Troubleshooting Your Awakening -Kundalini_ The Ultimate Guide to Awakening Your Chakras Through Kundalini Yoga and Meditation and to Experiencing Higher Consciousness, Clairvoyance, Astral Travel, Chakra Energy, and Psychic Visions

While there are many positive signs and things that can go oh-so right with kundalini awakening, it also happens to be the case that, sometimes, it doesn’t work out like you’d think. Sometimes, it doesn’t seem like it’s even working out at all. In those times, this chapter is here to help. We’ll troubleshoot three different themes that could be affecting your process. First, we’ll consider what might be holding you back. Second, we’ll look at the potential dangers and risks that might be interfering with your process. Third and finally, we’ll examine the most common mistakes people make in their awakening process, along with how you can expertly avoid them. By the end of this chapter, you should have found your personal slip-up, and you should be able to work at correcting it in no time.

12 Things That Could Be Holding You Back

There are so many things that could be paralyzing you on your journey. From emotional struggles to physical ones or from going too fast to too slow, there are various ways to accidentally get in your own way, but this section will help you at least open your eyes and realize what you can do to help.

Physical challenges

The simple truth of the matter is that sometimes our bodies aren’t ready for kundalini awakening quite yet. In some cases, it’s due to an auto-immune disorder. Sometimes, it’s caused by a lack of ability in a certain part of the body. Sometimes, still, it’s caused by the inability to practice meditation due to extensive daily anxiety. Regardless of the physical challenges that are getting in your way, you are not a failure. You will come to a point in your healing when you will be able to handle kundalini awakening on top of everything else, but right now might not be that moment, and that’s okay. Rushing one’s kundalini awakening can be detrimental sometimes, and it’s always best to just take it at a pace that feels natural and non-stressful for your experience and needs.

Experiencing things with too much intensity or too quickly

Sometimes, the chakras aren’t that blocked, and they’re relatively easy to open, cleanse, and align. For people that have this experience, the kundalini awakening process may happen much faster than it would for the standard, highly-blocked individual. If this is the case for you, you’ll likely have an incredibly intense experience right from the beginning, and it could even become too intense because of the speed of transition. If you’re not rushing things and they’re still advancing intensely and quicker than anticipated, try to meditate every other day. Try to take a step back in your process and allow it to become calmer, rescaled to anticipate what you can handle. You may also benefit immensely from having a guide or guru. Some people do not do well with these types of relationships in healing and awakening, but because you’re so highly sensitive, a teacher or mentor–even just a listening supporter–may be just the thing.

Diet doesn’t support awakening

It may sound far-fetched to some (and I’d be willing to bet this “some” group of people is comprised mostly of meat-eaters), but sometimes, your diet will get in the way of your awakening. Saying that doesn’t mean you need to go right ahead and cut out meat or dairy or gluten or sugar. It more so means that you may be able to aid your awakening process if you make a few slight adjustments. You can start by eating less processed food and more fruits and vegetables. If that’s hard for you to do to start off, try beginning by eating one less meal with meat each week. Simply start small and see how you feel; see how your body reacts. If a positive response is evoked, make additional changes in accordance.

You’re focusing on the wrong body part

Some issues with kundalini awakening are rooted in the individual’s abilities to focus, and these issues are easily adjusted with a switch of where one’s attention goes when he or she meditates. For example, especially if you focus your energy into your head (or into your third eye) when you close your eyes to meditate (which most people do), you’ve found your problem right there. To instigate kundalini awakening, you need to start off by focusing your energy into your heart, belly, and gut. The kundalini needs a healthy environment to rise into, and if you’re sending all that healthy attention to your third eye, you’ve skipped way beyond that gut space that the kundalini meets first. Think of how the kundalini will move and prepare your body accordingly. In essence, during your meditations, breathe deep into your stomach for a while and see what changes for you.

Your mentality ignores the body or vice versa

Based on where kundalini awakening came from–in the modern day, with Yogi Bhajan and his practice of kundalini yoga–it makes sense that your practice of awakening can’t just be mental in order to succeed. It has to be balanced with physical efforts, as you’re able to complete them. The connection with yoga is important here, for that practice can do a lot to aid in your kundalini’s awakening. Mainly, kundalini yoga especially helps cleanse blockages in one’s chakras through movement and body-focused breathing. In the same vein, one cannot instigate full kundalini awakening through just the practice of yoga. There has to be a balance between mind-based and body-based approaches in your overall attempt. Otherwise, you will continue on in this state of internal imbalance.

Poor or unsupportive mood

To a certain degree, kundalini awakening can help readjust mood and emotional imbalances, but one has to get to that point first. It could be that those heightened mood and emotional imbalances are what’s keeping you from any clear direction in your hopes of awakening. Check your mindset! Check your most common moods! If there’s any way you can begin to adjust those mindsets and moods, you’re sure to see some difference in your kundalini practice in no time. It may sound complicated, pushy, or difficult now, but if you can somehow rise above any draining moods and emotions, you’ll see your kundalini rise in kind.

Overwhelming urges for control

It is true that the purest kundalini awakenings happen with absolutely no effort on behalf of the individual, but not all awakenings can happen like that. However, there are many distractions blocking the divine that are basically everywhere these days. Ultimately, there should be no ego-based forcing, pushing, or controlling involved in one’s awakening. But this whole book still helps its reader through techniques and tips to aid in his or her self-guided awakening, so it really just comes down to finding a balance. If you’re struggling with the process, try to establish a better balance between selfguidance and trying to do too much too quickly, then see what happens.

Past trauma or PTSD is too strong of a blockage

Sometimes, the traumas we bore witness to in the past (or that we’re currently surviving) create blockages for us that become so entrenched and so ubiquitously spread throughout our chakras that we become unable to guide ourselves through our own awakenings. That’s not a good or bad thing; it’s simply a fact of life. If you feel that this sentiment applies to you, don’t be put off from kundalini awakening, for there is incredible and life-altering hope for you. It just means that you might have to work through your traumas separately first. Based on what you’ve experienced, it may be supportive to talk to someone about that experience, whether it’s a friend, partner, guardian (on this plane or another), or therapist. Use art therapy or music therapy if you’d rather not interact with another person, you’d rather not share your trauma with someone else, or you feel that you have no one else to share it with. Get that yuck out somehow! Try to be creative or communicative about it, and your kundalini will start rising in no time.

Unwillingness to face one’s true nature

Awakening can be a tricky process at times. It’s not always just positive signs and good feelings and happiness. Sometimes, you’ll be made to face your flaws, and the task will be this: change them or suffer no further kundalini movement. It’s a tough situation, but it definitely means that some people falter in the process of awakening because of these self-based reality checks. Furthermore, as the kundalini rises initially through the throat, third eye, and crown chakras (before it starts free-flowing through all the open chakras), the individual will realize more and more how filled with divinity he or she is. For some, this awareness is frightening or too much to handle. Some are simply unwilling to embrace this potential. To off-set from this situation if you find you’re being held back similarly, what you can do is to practice radical openness and acceptance of yourself, divinity, and others.

No community of support

If you’ve ever heard someone say that kundalini awakening will take your friends and family from you, you’ve probably just interacted with someone who tried to talk about his or her awakening with those closest to him or her, but the community couldn’t or wouldn’t support those efforts. This dismissal of awakening doesn’t always happen, and even if it does happen to you in regard to your close friends or family, don’t let yourself get too down in the mouth quite yet! There are a few things you can do in this case. (1) Leave kundalini awakening out of it where these people are involved because (2) as you continue on your awakening journey, your powers of attraction will be stronger than ever. With the right combination of hope and focus, you’ll surely draw to you the right community of support in no time. (3) You can also keep trying with those friends and family, just with different tactics the next time. (4) You could even dismiss the idea of a supportive community entirely and build one yourself with information. There are a plethora of apps you can download that will help boost your awakening with supportive tips and advice, and for some people, this information switch is enough to make up for what people around them lack.

No teacher or guide

While some people will be self-guided in their awakenings with no issue, others do work much better toward that experience with a teacher or at least a mentor helping and guiding their paths. If you feel lost and are desperately seeking a teacher, my first recommendation is to seek out a yoga studio that teaches kundalini yoga. Strike up a conversation with the teacher there and see what blossoms from there. Alternatively, you could seek out kundalini chatrooms online, or if you prefer things in person, you could go to your local metaphysical store and ask around about meditation mentors. You never have to struggle alone. Let kundalini guide your confidence to enable you to draw in the people whose help you’ll need for growth.

Environments don’t support awakening

Whether it’s your home environment, your work environment, your economic environment, your natural environment, or otherwise, it is true that some spaces do not align with one’s striving toward awakening. Sometimes, people talk trash, which can affect your flow. Sometimes, people might laugh at you for what you’re passionate about. Other times, you might be surrounded with pollutants that keep, for example, your pineal gland calcified without your knowing. Trust your intuition here. If it feels like an unsafe place to meditate or do your yoga practice, try to find another space. If it feels like your well-being and sanity is threatened by being who you are and doing what you want to do, seek shelter elsewhere for this venture until you’re strong enough to fight that vibe. You don’t have to force this process, and you certainly don’t have to do it where you’re unable to feel safe.

10 Dangers & Risks Associated with Awakening

While “danger” is a strong word to describe it, truly, there are some dangers associated with awakening, particularly in terms of going for more than you can handle. This section will explicitly list 10 risks so that you can check whether you’re approaching things in a way that’s more dangerous than necessary. If you relate to any of these 10 points, you will definitely have to change your approach if you ever hope to see true and lasting success with kundalini awakening. However, some of these “dangers” are just symptoms that might scare you when you experience them, and the point is just to work through them. I’ll note when this case is true for a particular sentiment.

Overburdening or overwhelming the soul

There’s always the risk of spiritually overexerting yourself. Any time one forces or tries to kick-start kundalini awakening, this risk is very present. Especially, if you’re not in touch with your higher self or spirit guides, you may have an extremely hard time realizing where your chakras are blocked and how exactly to clear them. Furthermore, you may not realize until too late if you’re overwhelming the kundalini and awakening process as a whole, forcing your soul to handle more than what it’s ready for. The best tactic is to just take things as they come without trying to do too much at once.

Doing things too much and too quickly

There’s equal risk for those who try to do too much and too quickly. This tactic almost certainly causes imbalance later, as the forced and quickened kundalini is made to rampage through your system’s vibration and somewhat ignore blockages in the chakras it passes through. This action, on the whole, damages one’s kundalini and creates addition states of disease in one’s chakras, so please take me seriously here. Be careful not to do too much too quickly so that you won’t have even more stuff to work through later on when you’re ready to try again.

Your body can’t keep up with the mind

Sometimes, you won’t really know you’re doing too much and too quickly because it’s all happening on the inside. In these cases, it’s likely that your body can’t keep up with the speed that your mind can handle. Like the point just above, this issue can mean future chakra imbalances and damages to your aura and kundalini, so the best thing to do in response is to make sure that your practice applies a combination of body-based and mind-based practices. Meditating and chanting is one thing, but it can’t be just this expression without yoga and even running or cycling, too. Align your body with your mind, and you will not have this issue.

Lack of groundedness due to spiritual “highs”

As you work through and into the depths of your awakening, you may find yourself spiritually “high” at times, and you will be much less grounded in your earthen body whenever this comes to pass. This “danger” is more like a symptom, as mentioned in the introduction paragraph to this section. Most people will experience this groundlessness through the excitement of the kundalini awakening. Your higher chakras will be opened wide, and you will stand the chance to be distracted by what you can perceive now. Whenever you’re feeling like this–dreamy, distracted, floaty, almost cloud-like–start breathing deeply. Make one hand into a fist at your navel and imagine that you can drop a cord from this spot in your body straight down into the earth. As this cord drops and connects with nature, feel grounded and affirmed with your human body. This visualization should ease such “high” symptoms whenever they come up.

Jerkiness & muscle spasms

As with the point directly above, jerkiness and muscle spasms are symptoms of kundalini awakening that many (if not all) will experience in their processes. It only becomes coded as a “risk” or “danger” because the individual might not think that these actions are connected to his or her awakening and get scared for his or her own well-being. If ever you do have these spasms or involuntary jerks, breathe deeply and try to feel at ease. These are natural “growing pains” associated with awakening, and they will pass. Eventually, you won’t have them at all anymore, but for now, breathe deeply and accept them. They’re a good sign, believe it or not.

Finding yourself alone in the “dark night of the soul”

Another symptom of awakening is the experience of the “dark night of the soul.” This period of time will come to pass for any involved in kundalini awakening, and it’s not necessarily a fun time, which is why it’s coded as a “danger” or “risk.” Essentially, the “dark night of the soul” is when you feel like you’ve hit you’re lowest low. It’s the moment after you face all the flaws in yourself and realize you can only move upwards, which is a daunting responsibility. You may lose someone close to you, like a mentor, friend, or loved one. You may find yourself feeling directionless or questioning everything you thought you knew was true and real and good. If you find yourself feeling these things, you haven’t failed at awakening yourself; know that to the depths of your core. You have not failed; you’re right on track. For those who know someone very emotionally sensitive who’s trying kundalini awakening, keep close tabs on that person. The emotionally sensitive among us stand great risk when going through these
periods alone. If they’re too directionless and dejected, it can mean their lives, but we can always protect against that. We are stronger as a community together, and each of us will make it through this dark night with that backing strength.

Trouble adjusting to new worldview

When you go into awakening, you may not realize all that has to change. Your relationship with popular culture, music, news, media, medicine, and more will absolutely and undoubtedly change. A symptom of these adjustments that sometimes poses as a “risk” or “danger” is that people can have trouble coming to terms with the new worldview. If you relate to this message, try not to fight what you’re learning. Practice open and radical acceptance and remember that you would not be shown these things if it wasn’t necessary for your soul and your kundalini awakening. Trust in the universe and believe profoundly that the world is still beautiful without what you thought you knew.

Reworking & resolving trauma (potentially alone)

One symptom that gets coded as a “risk” or “danger” is that anyone who’s experienced any level of trauma will be guided to work through those wounds and scars when they begin with their kundalini’s awakening. So many traumas find their root in one’s base chakra, and the kundalini rests there, right at the base of the spine, behind the genitals and reproductive organs. When it starts to rise, it will force the individual to process those blockages and resolve them, which can mean a lot of intimidating (or even triggering) work. Try not to isolate yourself during this process. You don’t have to feel alone when you’re working on such intense resolutions, but the key may be in becoming brave enough to ask for help.

Ignoring one’s transformative responsibility with drugs

It may seem absolutely reasonable to combine, say, psychedelic drugs with kundalini awakening. If it’s within your means, you might even be drawn to an ayahuasca ceremony or excessive marijuana smoking. Think about it, though. The kundalini is working to move through all your chakras in their most clear expression, with no blockages and no numbness. Surely, it’s possible that drugs can open your mind, but don’t forget that sometimes that openness comes at the closing of something else. Your third eye might open, for example, but your solar plexus chakra will absolutely shut down for a moment or even a few days. Keep things on the inside on an even keel by using drugs as little as you possibly can during your kundalini’s awakening. If you find yourself unable to stop, it could be that addiction is what stands in your way more than anything else.

Developing kundalini syndrome

Kundalini syndrome is the reason why kundalini awakening sometimes gets a bad reputation. Essentially, all these “dangers” and “risks” can pile themselves together into a syndrome of unpleasantness for certain awakening practitioners who are highly sensitive, already unbalanced, unusually easy to awaken, or otherwise. Kundalini syndrome looks like constant jitters and anxiety with socalled “delusions of grandeur”. People with the syndrome live mostly in their heads and have trouble relating to the physical earth plane. These people are stuck in a phase of awakening, and that stuck-ness could have been caused by forcing the process, speeding it up, or working through it for impure intention. To avoid the syndrome for yourself, take things as they come with your awakening and don’t get too stressed out when things get tough. Believe with  your heart that you will find balance and ease once more. You will make it to the other side of awakening, and then, with that belief planted deep in your heart, you’re sure not to get stuck.

15 Biggest Mistakes People Have Made (and How to Avoid Them)

Since the onset of contemporary kundalini work in the 1960s, multiple people have gone through the process, which means that many people have succeeded in achieving awakening and that some people have absolutely floundered. These people’s mistakes will be like spiritual gold for you, for they’ll help you learn, correct your path, and adjust before the detrimental mistake is made. Though some have fallen, their efforts will lift you up, and you will surely rise through those efforts combined with your own.

Falling into the “goodness” ego trap

If you find yourself beginning to compare yourself with others on a basis of what’s good and what’s bad, despite having your kundalini in a state of awakening, you have fallen into an ego trap. The first step to correct this mental blockage is to realize what you’re doing. A truly awakened person will not judge others in this way. Notice what you’re doing and work directly against it. Rethink the concepts of good and bad in their entirety and start looking for their reflection deep within yourself before you go out into the world projecting them onto others.

Falling into the “spiritual” ego trap

If you find yourself beginning to compare yourself with others on a basis of who’s more spiritual than who, you’ve fallen into another ego trap. By judging others in any aspect, much less degrees of spirituality, you put your ego in a position where it’s more important and louder than your soul. True spirituality finds a balance of ego and soul, if not a muting of ego to benefit soul, so if you find yourself thinking these things or following these trains of logic, stop yourself right there and correct it. The more you’re conscious of doing (judgment-wise), the easier it will be to stop making such assumptions and growing as a truly spiritual being.

Falling into the “love & light” ego trap

If you find yourself beginning to compare yourself with other awakened others on a basis of who expresses the purest love vibration, you’re putting yourself into another ego-trapping position. Not every spiritual expression involves “love and light” at the end and not every one should. In fact, darkness and shadow are as important forces in the universe as love and light are, so focusing on these latter concepts would just create energetic imbalance. Lose the judgment and remember how important balance is in all things.

Falling into insincere niceness

As you proceed down the path of awakening, people will become drawn to you. You will experience an increase in natural charisma, and when people come to you, they will expect help and guidance. Unfortunately, that means it will become abundantly clear for others when you’re being insincere. Therefore, do whatever you can in the coming weeks, months, and years to only express niceness when you really believe it and mean it. Insincere niceness will turn people off from you at every turn until it’s transmuted into something more productive. If you notice yourself falling into this emotional rut, you’ll need a jolt of something to reset yourself emotionally before real progress can be made.

Falling into judgmental comparisons

Whether it is based on goodness, spirituality, lightness, or anything else you can come up with, any judgmental comparison you make will be proof of a big mistake in play for you. Judgment is not a part of ascension, and it will find its death in a true awakening process. As you move deep into awakening, take note of your patterns of thought. Start to notice when your thoughts, emotions, or statements involve judgment and redirect those things before they’re vocalized into the world. Change your language, change your thoughts; change your thoughts, change your world.

Giving up too soon

The most common mistake for kundalini awakening is to try for a few days then give up because nothing is happening. I promise, something’s happening! It’s just only beginning, and those first wiggles of the kundalini won’t feel like anything for a while. It will (and should) take a good bit of time to fully achieve awakening. Awakening should not be forced or pushed; it should not take a few days. It should not even take a few weeks. In all honesty, it can even take longer than a few months or a few years as it should, for the kundalini awakening process requires a lot of respect and responsibility on behalf of the individual. Sometimes, the personality needs a little work before it’s able to devote such energy to such a powerful development. If you’re feeling impatient and want to give up, keep going about it the way you have been. Don’t give up, for the outcome will be well worth the effort.

Rushing or forcing the process

Numerous pieces of advice in this chapter warn of the dangers of rushing your awakening process. Please, please, please: do not force yourself open. Allow patience and proper timing to be instilled in your process. Allow yourself to understand the importance of proper timing. Remember, too, that what you may be pushing for so intently might not be as glorious as you think. Awakening requires the shedding of layers, the transformation of unproductive to good, and the loss of what’s been toxic. It’s not necessarily easy or glamorous, and it should absolutely not be rushed into. To avoid this mistake, take things easy and remember what awakening is really all about.

Losing discipline through the process

While kundalini awakening should not be rushed, its practices should at least be constant in order for the best outcome to be achieved with the least harshness of transition. Make sure that you don’t fall into the mistake of losing discipline throughout the process. So many people start strong and dedicated and lose their verve after a week. Instead of falling into the same rut, try to be conscious of what’s happening with your energy level over time and plan accordingly with your awakening. Plan your meditation and yoga periods during the times that you know will work with your waking and sleeping schedule. Overall, make the practice of maintaining discipline as effortless and natural as possible.

Spending less time (or no time) with nature

One of the more common mistakes involved with kundalini awakening deals with one’s mindset and setting, as if one was going on a psychedelic trip. Your mindset has to be right, but so does your environment, and in this case, “environment” actually means the natural world. Make sure that you spend time with nature weekly during your process of awakening. Without that environmental boost, your awakening may become lopsided toward the benefit of humanity over the earth, and as always, balance is key. Nature will inspire you, center you, ground you, and teach you, and the kundalini is a snake after all! Get in nature; I promise that it will make everything so much more manageable.

Looking at spirituality as the end-goal or destination

One other common mistake is the view of spirituality or kundalini awakening as if it was the end-goal in and of itself. I’ve been trying to shape my language in this text to reflect that spirituality and kundalini awakening are not like some mountain peaks that we can climb to and conquer. They’re so much more like oceans or abysses to climb into and explore for eternity. While there are certainly goals within kundalini awakening that you’re working towards, the ultimate goal in the process is to realize that it’s exactly what it all is: process, practice, and experience. By shifting how you look at things and how you talk about awakening, you can make sure you don’t fall into the pitfalls of this mistake.

Using the process simply to get psychic powers

Similar to the previous point, this one insists that your end-goal should not just be psychic awakening and that’s it. If you’re going into kundalini awakening with any goals other than to experience all the facets of divinity and spirituality in yourself and the world, then your intentions are “impure,” and whether you like it or not, your kundalini can sense that. In this case, your awakening may end up becoming problematic or strife-ridden, but there’s a sure-fire way to avoid this mishap. Don’t go into awakening just to get psychic powers or even just physical healing. Consider the whole experience and devote yourself to the blossoming of your true potential, no matter what that means for your body. It’s just a shift in focus and then things can be back on the right track.

Looking for answers primarily outside one’s self

As you go through the process of awakening, a big mistake to fall into is that you might accidentally create a routine where you constantly look outside yourself for answers, forgetting your own intuition. Kundalini awakening is about connecting yourself to the bigger sense of you, whether manifested through your higher self, the communities you’re engaged with, your spirit guides, your family, your soul mission, or otherwise. Therefore, if you find yourself looking for answers only outside of you, you’re liable to reach imbalance in the process. Remember to look deep inside and try not to shy away from things you might not like in yourself. Processing all those kinks will be part of what helps you through awakening out to the other side.

Getting overly attached to spiritual practice

While your practice of kundalini awakening is certainly important and will surely become important to you, try not to get too attached to your routines, even the ones oriented towards growth. The more attached you get to anything, the more you stand to suffer, and kundalini, spirit, or divinity might just try to test you by taking away the effectiveness of your practice just to shake things up. If that happens, it’s just to get you to remember that spiritual development can happen without any practice or routine whatsoever. It just so happens that practice can help, but it is not everything. To avoid this problematic attachment, therefore, switch it up often and don’t let yourself get too connected to any one method. Stay flexible, stay open to all the experience awakening has to offer, and remember: awakening is not something you can have, own, or possess; it’s a practice, and you should never fully control that.

Using the process simply to contact the dead

Some people approach kundalini awakening with a specific end-goal in mind: to contact the dead. While this type of awakening has the power to connect you with planes outside and around earth and dimensions that are beyond ours, you should never practice awakening just to have this experience. Like with several points above, this end-goal makes your practice impure and will end up affecting future imbalance in your health, chakras, and intellect. You can easily avoid this mistake by making sure not to focus your awakening around just one facet, especially this one.

Using the process hoping to be set free

Finally, it can be the case that kundalini awakening helps the individual feel free– freer than he or she has ever felt before, more liberated to be him or herself, and more able to do exactly what spirit calls him or her to do. However, as with the point above, the end-goal of your process should not be this freedom. Instead, allow freedom to be a happy symptom or side effect if (and when) it arises, but don’t let your focus fall on it completely. Be there for the experience and let what happens happen. Let go of control, expectations, and attachments, and the kundalini shall surely rise.


Troubleshooting Your Awakening -Kundalini_ The Ultimate Guide to Awakening Your Chakras Through Kundalini Yoga and Meditation and to Experiencing Higher Consciousness, Clairvoyance, Astral Travel, Chakra Energy, and Psychic Visions

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