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Kundalini 101 -Kundalini_ The Ultimate Guide to Awakening Your Chakras Through Kundalini Yoga and Meditation and to Experiencing Higher Consciousness, Clairvoyance, Astral Travel, Chakra Energy, and Psychic Visions 

Now that you understand some of the basic information about your kundalini, what it is, and how it works in your body, it’s time to get into the details. This chapter will go through 10 specific benefits to kundalini awakening, 10 myths about the kundalini and awakening, and 21 signs to notice and appreciate your own awakening as it takes place. Be prepared to be blown away.

10 Benefits to Awakening

As we go over these 10 benefits to kundalini awakening, it is important to keep in mind that these wonderful effects are surely impressive, but to focus on them as your only goals in awakening detracts from the full experience that’s possible for you to have. Take in each benefit and be grateful for its potential, but don’t get too caught up in the “me,me, me” mentality that is so closely connected with ego. Be grateful and glad for yourself and others that these changes are now possible for you, and then your approach will be aligned with your highest intention.

Increased intelligence and IQ capacity

As you begin your process of awakening, your mind will become clearer, and your mental capacities will become deepened and enriched in potential. You’ll be able to multitask and organize better than ever, and you may even see that your IQ number literally rises as your kundalini starts moving within. As shakti energy flips and rolls through your chakras, it will reach your third eye and crown chakra, unlocking these mental capacities just as easily as it works on your heart and healing.


Greater sense of peace, bliss, and tranquility

One of the most commonly experienced benefits of kundalini awakening includes an increased sense of peace, bliss, tranquility, and trust in the universe that you’re exactly where you should be. Chalk it up to the meditation or the yoga or even the being in nature, but it’s also true that when your kundalini awakening begins and becomes sustained, you will be able to find a deep and lasting peace even in moments outside of nature or meditation. You will begin noticing how that peace exists in an inner space that you carry with you always and everywhere.


Greater sense of purpose and mission in this lifetime

As shakti flows through your body, bringing light, insight, and connectivity to your mind, heart, organs, soul, and more, you will begin finding greater experience of synchronicities in your life. Patterns will emerge, and you will begin noticing signs that point you in productive or enlightening directions. Even more, you will find that you’re noticing what you’re drawn to, what you’ve always been interested in, and how that can translate to you beginning to live out your purpose and soul mission in this lifetime. As your awakening progresses, you will be more and more confident of the direction and theme of your mission, and by the height of it, you will find that mission in motion.

Increased sense perceptions

Most people who undergo kundalini awakening at some point realize that their senses have been heightened. From smell to taste, hearing, touch, sight, and even the sixth psychic sense, the senses of the individual blossom and become honed like the edge of a knife’s blade. You may find that one or two senses become heightened while the rest remain the same, and you may even find that some of your senses are dulled for a week or so while the others are heightened in their place. No matter how it happens for you, don’t be alarmed or overwhelmed; you will either adjust or your senses will come to balance eventually!


Anti-aging capacity in the mind & body

Some of the benefits that come along with kundalini awakening involve physical anti-aging manifestations, such as feeling stronger and more attractive, actually having stronger and healthier skin and hair, experiencing increased autophagy, and experiencing a generally slowed-down aging process. For the mind, too, kundalini awakening keeps you young, spry, and able to handle anything. It can even slow down or reverse the effects of degenerative brain disorders.


Better connection to divinity, god, the goddess, the light, etc.

As you continue on with the process of kundalini awakening, even if you begin as a staunch atheist, you can still find yourself questioning yourself and those beliefs for the incredible and connective, spiritual experiences that are possible through kundalini awakening are hard to take in without beginning to believe in something bigger than yourself. For those who think their faith is the one true faith, they may find their certainty wavering and opened up into something new and different through their experiences of kundalini awakened, but I promise, it will hardly be an uncomfortable adjustment.

Increased capacity for sexual pleasure (gateway to tantric sex)

As the kundalini and shakti energy start flowing in your body without blockage, you may find that your capacity for sexual pleasure is totally altered. It might sound crazy and unconnected to the kundalini and its rising but remember what the kundalini rises through–your chakras–and that base chakra is all about sexuality, security, protection, and safety. Eventually, as that root chakra gets opened and cleansed and the kundalini starts to rise, you have the possibility to experience more intense orgasms, and your orgasms may even occur spontaneously, as one of the side effects of awakening. You will come to learnhow to control and focus this orgasmic, creation energy, and part of that focus can be translated into a whole new world: tantric sex. Kundalini awakening and tantric sex go hand in hand, for the higher vibration awareness required for one is intimately connected with the other.


Increased psychic abilities

Along with those increased sense perceptions for your basic 5 senses, your sixth sense will get a kick in its pants, too. You stand the chance to experience psychic awakening on a number of levels as you advance through your kundalini awakening. Whether your gifts are numerous or singular, they will be lifealtering. You may receive or unlock the ability to see visions, to see signs or future events, to know things before they happen, to move things without touching them, to attract things into your life, to see or hear others’ thoughts and feelings, to heal others without touching them, to know what people need, and more. Moreover, remember that if you don’t end up experiencing any psychic abilities or their increase, it could be because your higher self knows you’re not ready to use them correctly or for the purest means. Reconsider your motivations and proceed with that insight in mind.

Greater sense of o0ne’s manifestation capacity

The law of attraction is one of the 12 universal laws that define the nature of our physical reality. What we put out into the universe comes back to us. Even without kundalini awakening, all humans retain this capacity to alter their worlds and draw into their lives exactly what they may need. However, with then kundalini awakened or in the process of flowing, one’s abilities to attract what one needs and to manifest one’s goals and desires will become heightened. This will warrant an increased responsibility and sensibility on behalf of the individual in question, as the saying from Spiderman is true, “With great power comes great responsibility.”


Physical relief from certain illnesses & diseases

Many individuals suffering from chronic illnesses or struggling through exhausting diseases will find relief from these woes during their process of kundalini awakening. Due to all the anti-aging and pain-relieving physical effects that kundalini awakening can afford, these people are clearly warranted to receive relief in this way. For those with cancer, life-threatening illnesses, aut0-immune disorders, and more, it could be that the process of kundalini awakening will give you that boost of relief that you’ve been craving.

10 Myths about Kundalini & Its Awakening

There are a lot of myths floating around about what kundalini is, how it gets awakened, and what its awakening can look like. There are especially a lot of negative myths, but kundalini awakening is a practice that’s existed for millennia, and its approach can exist in multiple different incarnations. It canmean a bad experience for someone who approaches his or her awakening with impure goals in mind, but it still means such a positive experience for so many others that it’s helpful to tease out what’s fact and what’s fiction before moving forward unknowingly, with inaccurate assumptions. While it’s certainly true that no one way to awakening is the right way, this section will surely help you to spot out some of the veins of thinking about kundalini that are not worth your concern.


Kundalini awakening is dangerous, and the energy released is frightening.

Kundalini awakening is far from dangerous. For those who don’t understand the process, it may seem bizarre that some people have outbursts during meditation or experience muscle spasms or spontaneous crying. It may seem unhealthy that people are changing their diet to something radically different than they’ve eaten their entire lives. It may seem shocking to some that people are establishing better connections to the divine. However it may seem, kundalini awakening is safe and productive, and the energy released is far from frightening; it’s healthy, natural, and enlightened.

Kundalini awakening is tied to one specific religion (or it’s a cult).

While “kundalini” comes from the Sanskrit and takes its linguistic origin fro ancient India, there is no specific religion attached to kundalini awakening. When the process of kundalini awakening was started by Yogi Bhajan and his practice of kundalini yoga, even that practice of yoga was a more secular appreciation of divinity and one’s connection to the powers of the universe and of creation itself. Kundalini does not connect with any cult or religious dogma. It’s simply something that exists within you in relation to source energy, and it can be awakened if you like, hence the purpose of this text.


You will have to wear a headpiece constantly once your kundalini is awakened.

Some believe that your awakened state makes you more sensitive, warranting the covering of one’s head to protect the crown and third eye chakras, the aura, and the brain. Whether the headpiece is a turban, a scarf, a bandana, or otherwise, these individuals think you just need some sort of covering. However, there is no evidence that this headpiece and its use in covering the head actually help inn protecting one’s energetic state. Kundalini and shakti energy will not be able to escape through the top of your skull and seep out your scalp, so there really is no point for concern on this issue.

Kundalini awakening all goes back to sex.

While kundalini awakening obviously has correlations with sex, sexual health, and sexual awakening, it absolutely does not have to deal with such themes. Sometimes, kundalini awakening will enable one to heal from traumas caused by these themes and actions in one’s life, and the farthest thing from this individual’s mind will be to incorporate sex again as quickly as possible. Thankfully, kundalini awakening would never rush or force something like that. As with all types of healing, sex can be incorporated when and if you’re ready,and not before that point.


Your relationship with your friends and your family will suffer after you’re awakened.

While you may develop different interests from your family, causing you to want to spend your time differently than they do, your connections with these people never have to suffer because of your awakening process. In fact, your
patience with them and understanding of them should only increase, aiding your relationship. If you find yourself having less and less time or patience for these people, you might need to reconsider what role you want them to play in your life or what role you actually want to play in theirs. In your case, it could be that kundalini is reminding you that family is more than just blood, and you don’t have to settle for those who traumatize and abuse you. Essentially, your relationship will only suffer when your higher self is ready for it to be over

Kundalini awakening is all about breathing and meditation; it’s not physical at all.

Kundalini awakening was originally tied explicitly to the practice of kundalini yoga. In those times, it was always already connected between physical and spiritual, movement and breath, and yoga and meditation. Therefore, even today, kundalini awakening should not be just one of these extremes. It should never be just yoga or just meditation. It should never be just nature walks or meditations outdoors. Kundalini awakening should always incorporate both so that the mind, body, and soul–all three parts of the individual–can be awakened together, leaving no part behind and leaving nothing forgotten.


You can only experience kundalini awakening if you’re led by a guru.

This myth was propagated by the creator of kundalini yoga, Yogi Bhajan, and it makes sense why he would establish it. In his time, no one was practicing kundalini awakening on a wide scale. People didn’t have immediate information
from the spread of the internet either. It was the 1960s, and people actually needed a guide so that they didn’t feel crazy or get something big wrong. These days, this earnest and productive sentiment on Yogi Bhajan’s behalf has much less use for us. With the onset of the internet and the abilities we have to teach one another from this information, you can comfortably teach yourself to meditate and guide yourself through kundalini awakening with hardly so much as a word of input from another person.

Only certain people can have this awakening happen because it’s so difficult.

For starters, it’s a misconception to think that kundalini awakening is a difficult endeavor. It’s not actually hard at all; it’s just that kundalini awakening requires steadfastness, commitment, determination, and focus. These traits are simply harder for some to come by than others, but even if they’re not naturally in your wheelhouse, kundalini awakening will help you adapt and incorporate them into your practice so that things become easier by the breath. Now, to the overall myth: anyone–I repeat, anyone–can experience kundalini awakening. It’s not that it’s difficult, and it’s not only for certain people. Anyone can handle the awakening, and it just depends on whether or not you’re ready and able to withstand the entire experience. If you’re having trouble, don’t think that it won’t work for you. Instead, look to your wounds, your traumas, and your scars. Consider going to a therapist at least once and then attempt the awakening again. It may be that you need to work something else out in a big way before you can work upwards, so to speak.


The only way to awaken your kundalini is to have reiki done for you.

While it may seem that reiki and kundalini awakening are explicitly tied to one another, they absolutely are not. You can awaken your kundalini without having anything to do with reiki. You can do reiki for years without ever doing a kundalini awakening, too. It’s more so that kundalini awakening and reiki healing overlap well than that they need to be used together. If you’re having a lot of trouble with your awakening, you might try having reiki done in order to tell where your chakras’ blockages are and how problematic those flow issues are for your goals. However, there’s no need to combine these practices at all, and you can absolutely awaken your kundalini without having reiki done to/for you.

You’ll get superhuman powers with Kundalini Awakening.

No, kundalini awakening won’t turn you into a super hero. It won’t make you superhuman, either. If you consider psychic gifts and developments superhuman abilities, though, you might want to reconsider your phrasing. It is true that kundalini awakening can unlock your psychic gifts. However, psychic abilities aren’t as extraordinary for humans to possess as we might imagine. Originally, humans had as many senses as we have chakras (which is actually 22), but we became blind, deaf, and dumb, so to speak, after a fall from grace. Now, we hardly even have enough senses as we have chakras in the body (7). The original 22 senses were all “psychic” and any ability one has to reconnect with the 17 lost senses is an extraordinarily natural ability, indeed.


21 Signs of Kundalini Awakening

As you begin the process of kundalini awakening, it will be immensely helpful to be aware that many things will happen to you, some of them wild, but what’s happening to you does not mean that you’re crazy. In fact, it likely means that you’re exactly in line with where you should be in the process. In this section, you’ll be introduced to over 20 signs or “symptoms” of your ongoing awakening.


They’re sure to test your ability to take your ego and pride out of your practice and focus on what good you can share with the world instead (because what you’re in for is truly, undeniably incredible).

Feelings of lightning bolts in the body

You can tell you’re well on your way to full-fledged awakening when you start feeling tingling sensations ranging from vibrations to lightning bolts in your body. It’s a strange experience, but it won’t last forever, and I promise you, it’s a good sign.


Waves of hot and cold flashes

As you’re on your way to kundalini awakening, you may experience extreme hot and cold flashes, reminiscent of a woman going through menopause. These flashes won’t be isolated to any one area of the body. You may be able to find a pattern in their waves, but they could also be totally random.


Spontaneous emotional release during meditation

Whether it’s anger, crying, laughter, sadness, joy, or otherwise, any strange and strong emotions that arise during meditation are sure-fire signs that your awakening is well underway. The rising kundalini is helping you process emotional blockages to your system with this effort.


Making animal sounds or gestures during meditation

Similarly, you may find that you experience intense moments of what can only be described as “animal expression” in meditation. Again, your kundalini is working on helping you process and clear energetic blockages, and that work is often best done through animal spirits and expressions.

Hands, limbs, and feet tend to go numb and tingle

As the kundalini and shakti energy of awakening start to rewire how things areworking in your heart chakra, your physical heart may be occasionally affected. Don’t be worried if you experience your hands, limbs, or feet falling asleep more than usual. It’s absolutely normal for your “condition.”


Increased desire to visit ancient & sacred places

If you experience more and more powerful strong urges to go travel the world and see those famous ancient, sacred sites, don’t question those drives! They’re undoubtedly connected to your process of awakening, and you should follow up on them as much as you are able.


Frequent sensory overload (at the beginning)

If you’ve been working with kundalini and shakti energy for a while and you’re not sure you’re seeing effects, look to your senses. Have you been overwhelmed or overloaded easily recently? Have you been more sensitive than normal? Chances are that these emotional side effects are related to your senses and are therefore inspired by your awakening.


Spontaneous waves of bliss or even pleasure

It could be that kundalini awakening has the reputation of being all about sex because of this symptom or sign of the process. It is true that some people can experience spontaneous waves of ecstasy or tranquil bliss. It doesn’t happen
often, but some people can also spontaneously orgasm, based on how their chakra blockages are being cleared and how the serpent is moving. It’s incredible, but it’s definitely a sign of awakening!

Periods of extremely heightened creativity

Especially as you start to work through blockages of the sacral chakra, you’ll begin to have extremely creative periods, and these moments are absolutely proof of awakening. Even if those periods don’t last very long or aren’t sustained over time, they’ll allow you to make creative works that help boost your awakening endurance overall.


Mouth fills up with water during meditation

You may find that your mouth keeps filling up with water during your practice of meditation. Don’t go to the doctor wondering what’s wrong with your body! It’s just a side effect of the kundalini’s movement through your system, and it’s absolutely a good sign.


Spontaneous singing of old songs (you haven’t heard) or practicing of ancient yogic techniques (you’ve never even tried)

Part of what happens during kundalini awakening is that one finds connections to his or her past lives, and sometimes, one will find that old techniques of the trade for awakening will surface for him or her in meditation that this person could never have known beforehand.

Feeling intense headaches during meditation that resolve themselves easily

If you do experience intense headaches during meditation, try not to take pain mrelief medicine for them! Try to ride out the meditation, and if the headache resolves itself at the end, then it’s for sure that you’re working out third eye or crown chakra blockages and your kundalini awakening is almost fully in effect.


Receiving visions of skeletons or ancestors during meditation

Some of the more spoken-about side effects or signs of awakening include the ability to see the dead, one’s ancestors, or skeletons. Some people make their entire focus during awakening to have this ability, but it should not be so. If you experience these visions, simply know you’re on the right path and do not be afraid. The ways you can use this ability will be revealed to you in time. For now, stay grounded and don’t let yourself get too scared or excited.


Frequent mood swings in day-to-day life

You may find that you’re more sensitive than normal, especially emotionally. If your mood swings are more extreme and intense than you’re used to, take it easy on others and yourself. It’s all a part of awakening, and it will definitely resolve itself in time.


Hearing sounds (like music) that no one else hears

As your past life and ancestral memories become unlocked, you might find yourself tapping into sound memories that no one else can perceive. As you receive messages about yoga, meditation, and spirituality through meditation, these tones may accompany the knowledge, but it’s all just a part of ascension. Don’t go running to the doctor or your therapist quite yet and don’t be afraid.

Receiving spontaneous waves of wisdom, insight, or knowledge

The more and more aligned your chakras become and the more freely this energy serpent moves, the more synchronicities you’ll receive in daily life and the more often you’ll experience these beautiful little moments of intense clarity and insight. These epiphanies will happen with increasing frequency through your awakening.


Seeing visions from the past

You may find yourself going on deep and convincingly-real walks through memory lane during awakening, and you may also receive literal visions into your past lives, those selves, and their behaviors. Don’t be alarmed. Your
kundalini is guiding you through the information you need to receive to reach full awakening.


Feelings of deep and unshakeable purity

As you shed toxicity and layers of “dirt” from your chakras, you’ll find that you feel increasingly “pure” and connected to all aspects of divinity. It may sound strange to you now, but divine “purity” is not something to scoff at–it’s a state of mind that’s blissful, trusting, faithful, and absolutely growth-oriented.


Diseases start to become healed

While it’s true that some signs of awakening include the lessening of physical symptoms of disease and illness, it can also be the case that one’s diseases and illnesses begin to become literally healed in this process.

Personality quirks are lessened and smoothed out

Many people end up working out personality kinks when their kundalinis are awakened. Surely, when it comes to the chakras, blockages can manifest asproblematic or negative personality traits, so when that awakening process starts up and becomes fully activated, the personality will become like a canvas or like clay that is ready to be painted on or sculpted to the will of divinity.


Increased artistic inspiration from nature & others

Especially if you’re an artist who’s gone through a dry spell in terms of creative motivation for a long while, it will be a clear sign of awakening when you find more and more inspiration from the natural and day-to-day. It doesn’t even have to be explicitly from nature, for during the process of awakening, it could be that general interpersonal interactions or the movement of cars or public transportation are enough to inspire you now.


Kundalini 101 -Kundalini_ The Ultimate Guide to Awakening Your Chakras Through Kundalini Yoga and Meditation and to Experiencing Higher Consciousness, Clairvoyance, Astral Travel, Chakra Energy, and Psychic Visions 

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