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Kundalini Master’s Class

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Kundalini Master’s Class -Kundalini_ The Ultimate Guide to Awakening Your Chakras Through Kundalini Yoga and Meditation and to Experiencing Higher Consciousness, Clairvoyance, Astral Travel, Chakra Energy, and Psychic Visions 

Now that you’re basically a master on kundalini and its awakening symptoms and process, it’s time to advance you to the Kundalini Master’s Class! In this chapter, you’ll be introduced to the juiciest tidbits of potential tied up in kundalini awakening, from chakra alignment to astral projection and additional, psychic gifts. The challenge in approaching this chapter is to maintain a pure reason for attempting awakening in your own life. Don’t get caught up in pride and ego desires but just read this chapter and become aware of what’s in your future if you follow this path. Simply read, accept, and trust what’s to come.


Chakra Healing & Alignment

With the knowledge of what each chakra does and what chakra blockages mean in reference to your overall goal of awakening, you should now be able to takethings a step further in reference to your own chakra healing. The following is a guided meditation for chakra alignment that you can read along to (or record ,yourself reading aloud and play back as you go) and try out. Essentially, we’ll walk through one method for aligning your open chakras and inviting the serpent mto rise.



Close your eyes and breathe deeply. Imagine that you’re on a beach by a cool, clear lake. Picture the surroundings of this tranquil place, where you’re alone with maybe a lake house behind you that feels like it’s yours. Knowing that you’re in a beautiful yet safe and secure space makes you feel utterly relaxed, strong, and at peace.


Suddenly, you realize that you’re not on the beach – you’re actually sitting in the lake and the water comes up to mid-chest level. You feel completely content with this decision, as the water feels somewhat warm and comforting in the summer breeze. You close your eyes in the meditation as well as in the real world.


If you cared to open your eyes, you’d see that the water is in fact so clear that it almost looks like there’s nothing there. You’d see that it almost looks like you’re just sitting on a ground of colorful gravel, but when you move your arms, you know better. When you move, you can see (and feel) the ripples.



In this clear and calm lake, you sit. As you find peace in being there and trustthat nothing will harm you, you relax in a way that you haven’t been able to do in a long time. You allow yourself to breathe deeply and roll your shoulders down to release any tension there. You roll your head from side to side to release strain in that area, too. Eventually, you bring your neck and chest to center and you start to visualize your central channel.


In this inner column of energy, you visualize a free-flowing wave of white light. You have the sense that the white light is flowing so strongly and purely that it’s turning the water around you white, too. You peep open an eye and confirm your intuition. The water you’re sitting in is still the same temperature and texture, but it now looks like a bath of milk. You breathe in that purifying feeling and close your eyes once more.


Remembering that free-flowing column of white light, you take your visualization back to that space. Knowing that your chakras’ blockages have all been cleared helps you feel confident moving forward, and you allow yourself to get all but mesmerized with the beauty of that inner white light. However, the light cannot last, and you know that this channel, this powerful column, can be used for something even more important than just centering you in this moment. In this calming, milky lake in the middle of your safe, secure space, you begin to hum bravely. You don’t really know the song you’re humming, and it might just bbe one tone hummed with the sound “ohm.” Whatever the song is, it’s been with you always, and it’s a supportive song that feels right for this moment. As you hum your song, it’s like you’re charming a snake, for kundalini seems to love the sound.



Sure enough, the small snake that lies coiled up at the base of your spine starts to move up, uncoiling and winding through your chakra energy wheels in search of the source of the sound. Normally, you might be afraid of the image of a snake within you but knowing that your body is rooted in this natural, imaginative space somehow protects you and shields you from any harm. You trust this fact and know it in your heart to be true.


Unafraid and excited, you hum more and more while kundalini rises and winds through the root chakra to the sacral, around the solar plexus, and then up to heart and throat. You notice that the serpent stays a while around throat chakra, and you assume that it’s because kundalini enjoys the sound of your humming so much. Ultimately, kundalini knows it must continue, so in the peace of your body (resting in the peace of the lake, homed in the peace of this still, safe space), kundalini rises once more.


Kundalini comes up into your face to lick the third eye and crown chakras before turning and coming right back down through all the same chakras once more, down through third eye to throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral, and root. As the first cycle of serpent’s winding is completed, you feel filled with potential, and you sigh with relief. You seem to feel that everything is right in the world and that your direction is being revealed to you as you draw this very breath.



In the cool, completely clear water, you open your eyes and see that the world has become so much brighter, sounds are clearer, smells are crisper, and the water feels lighter than air. You stand and reach out your arms to the world of this space and simply breathe in its beauty, knowing that you are full of the same exact potential, the same prana and shakti inspiring both you and nature. You breathe deeply and open your eyes to the world.


Reaching Higher Planes of Consciousness

If you have goals of accessing higher planes of consciousness, kundalini awakening is a great place to start. In fact, kundalini awakening itself instigates awareness of these higher planes, and some people even gain access to them, but it always helps to have a guide at your disposal. For those interested in reaching these states of consciousness with the help of eager kundalini, the following section provides the guide that you need. The following 8 steps will lead you to the access you seek, when performed for the right reasons.


First, clear your mind completely. Before you embark on the journey to other planes of consciousness, you’ll need to make sure that you don’t bring any unnecessary emotional baggage with you, so check it at the door! Close your eyes and breathe into a meditative focus. Try to eliminate as many thoughts as possible from your mind; let them dissolve like salt in water or like snow on hot pavement. Let them evaporate from your mind until a still and calm inner space
is achieved. This still space is absolutely essential to attain moving forward, so you’ll want to ensure it’s a strong one. Hold this space in mind for as long as possible before even moving onto the second step.



Second, evoke the central channel. Meditatively shift your consciousness now to see this central channel illuminated within you as best as possible. If you’re still working through any recent blockages, you might see those as darker spots in the channel, but hopefully, no spots exist whatsoever. As you visualize this central channel, fill it with that same bright white light as the last section and imagine that you can add love to that light energy. Love is a vibration you’ll want to carry with you as you journey into other realms, for it is part of what’s so unique about being human. If you ever get lost, you can always follow that vibration back to where you came from, but that matters later. For now, just focus on breathing and boosting that central channel with as much love and light as possible.


Third, allow the serpent to rise. Once it’s comfortable to do so and once it knows the channel is ready, kundalini will come out to play. At this point, you can meditatively visualize kundalini following its winding path through your chakras once more, up from the base to the crown and back down again. See how many slow and steady cycles you can withstand witnessing before you are pushed into action. Simply watch the serpent complete its inner course and trust in its energetic potential for you. Express love to kundalini and trust in the universe and then follow the next step.



Fourth, accept and express gratitude for your body, and don’t let yourself forget about what your physical body does for you even on a daily basis! It’s a source of great strength and support, and it will remain solid and secure on the earth plane while your consciousness and soul explore others. Breathe in that truth and breathe out your trust. Additionally, express a powerful wave of acceptance and love for your body. Feel grateful for all that it does for you and be proud of what you’ve accomplished with it! Whether your past life experiences come to mind or your conquering of chakra blockages to allow for kundalini awakening does instead, simply remember all your body has done for you and be proud! Know that future experiences with this earthen form will absolutely benefit your growth.


Fifth, check your goals against your higher self. You must have come to this experience in search of higher planes of consciousness for a reason, and that reason might not be backed by the purest of intentions. Try to be as honest with yourself as possible as you search to define the real reason why you want this type of access to other planes of consciousness. Once you’ve divined the answer, check it against your higher self. Some people ask this question in the form of, “WWJD? What would Jesus do?” You’ll ask it in terms of, “What would my best self do?” Use that insight to inform your experience as you likely decide to move forward.


Sixth, state the goal you have in mind to kundalini. Once you’ve checked and altered those goals based on your interactions with your higher self, you should also check to make sure that your kundalini can handle such cosmic connectivity right now. Check in with kundalini again and make sure it’s not overburdened, exhausted, or that it got accidentally rerouted from its path winding through the central channel. As long as kundalini is operating normally, then things should be good to go! Don’t push things, however. It sure sounds fun to visit higher planes of consciousness, but if shakti isn’t there with you somehow because you jumped the gun with kundalini’s readiness, you’ll surely regret it, for the experience will be nowhere near what you imagined.



Seventh, let kundalini take you there. As kundalini expresses its approval of your goals, let go of the reins and let kundalini take control. Trust that this vehicle of source energy will get you where you need to be, and feel the company of your angels and guardians, too, for they’ll surely be able to make this trans-plane journey with you.


Eighth, make sure that you’ve developed a tactic to return. Accessing higherm planes of consciousness (and other planes of existence) can be an experience similar to astral projection and travel at times, and you’ll have to remember where you came from so you know where to return to. You won’t want your consciousness floating out in the ether for anyone to imprint on or get interested in. In order to ensure that doesn’t happen, make a return plan before you even “leave” for the higher plane. If you’ve seen the film Inception, take a note from their book and bring a “token” with you that will remind you which world is real. It might sound crazy, but the more awakened you and your kundalini become, the more immersive meditation experiences of this nature you’ll have for yourself.


Astral Projection & Travel

Different from travelling to higher planes of consciousness with kundalini’s help, you can also astrally project and travel with the same type of aid. When going to other planes of consciousness, the soul and mind go to another level of thought that impacts the body in ways standard words or knowledge would never be able to do. But when using astral travel, one can actually go to other dimensions, realities, worlds, and more. This section will serve as a guide for those who seek to develop abilities of astral projection and travel, for these gifts are more complicated than they may seem at first.



First, clear your mind completely in a meditative state. Let your mind become clear of thoughts and emotions. Let any urges, desires, needs, or calculations exit your mind as well. The goal is to have calm, serene silence within the mind. Before you travel to other energetic planes, you need to make sure that you’re as pure of an energetic expression as possible. You don’t want to end up going out into these other planes with energetic blockages that keep you from coming home just because of one thought that stuck out before you left! Try to eliminate that possibility from happening by maintaining this calm, composed mind before moving any further in the process.


Second, evoke the central channel and raise the kundalini. With your calm and collected mind, remember that central channel. Let it become illuminated with the same warm white light and then allow kundalini to feel invited to rise. Without any blockages in its way, the serpent cautiously yet comfortably winds and winds to your crown chakra and then back down again.


Third, allow yourself and the kundalini to meld together in a hypnotic state. With kundalini flowing through your chakras and activating the central channel, close your eyes and try to visualize what’s happening in detail on the inside. Watch kundalini methodically rise and fall. Feel supported by those efforts but also allow those conscious thoughts and emotions to fade away once more. You want to get hypnotized by this motion; get lost in it! All that matters is that you and kundalini are one, and its motion within you begins to create a vibration that pronounces: I’m ready for travel.



Fourth, remember that your mind has so much more power than your body. Before you embark on the astral voyage, you’ll want to partially ground yourself with this knowledge, and the best way to do so is to “ground” yourself (so to
speak) in the astral body. With those eyes closed and your mind in this hypnotized state, begin to connect with the body that’s not yours. What I mean is this: when you visualize squeezing your fist, it’s not your actual body that moves, but you are imagining a body that’s yours (that’s not actually your physical body) doing the work. In this sense, I want you to connect with the version of your body that exists in the mental realm and that’s affected when you visualize things. Try to move each finger and toe of that imagined body separately. Create several other exercises for yourself to root with this astral body, and your trans-plane journey will become all the easier. A few other things you can try are imagining doing jumping jacks, doing a cartwheel, counting on your fingers, juggling, and doing an intricate dance.


Fifth, connect to your subtle energy. You’ve worked to connect with your physical body, you’ve done the same and connected with kundalini, and you’re connected with your astral body, but what about what’s left? There’s always an additional layer of subtle energy vibrating all around you due to the other carbon-based life-forms (and technological devices) in our world. Try to get in touch with that energy layer now. With your still-partially-hypnotized mind and your openness to the whole experience, allow yourself to feel a buzzing at the edge of your being as your astral body begins to separate from your physical body. This buzzing or vibrating is a good sign. It says that things are going exactly the way they should. Not everyone feels these vibrations before astral projection, however.



Sixth, let visualization take control. With your eyes closed, start to see your body as if you were floating above it looking down. Let your soul, essentially, become elevated and weightless as it rises above your own body. Like the rising kundalini, your soul floats up to its highest potential and back down, just starting to explore the space around you. It wanders through your room and house but does not get outside your home to start. There’s still a bit of safety making and grounding work to do before that final step into the ether can be achieved.


Seventh (and maybe most important!), always keep your root in mind! There will be a silver cord that attaches your astral body to your physical body, and that will sometimes be the only thing that can help you get back home. Don’t forget to mind this physical and energetic root cord. As you have been exploring your room or your home, did you notice that cord yet? If so, that’s wonderful! If not, you may not be having a full, pure astrally projective experience quite yet, but keep running with the visualization to see where it takes you!


Eighth, allow yourself to explore the astral plane you’ve found, with baby steps first, of course. Now that you see your silver “grounding” or homing cord, go ahead and see what’s around. Look around your neighborhood and maybe your city. Stay on the earth plane at first so that you don’t get too overwhelmed. Eventually, you can try to explore completely different planes, realities, and dimensions, but your home density is always a safe and familiar place to start.


Clairvoyance & Other Psychic Gifts

If you approached kundalini awakening in the first place hoping for some level of psychic awakening, don’t feel dejected or misled. Kundalini awakening will absolutely align you better with your intuition, deeper insights, and soul’s mission. Furthermore, it will allow you to unlock additional psychic gifts onlevels you may not have even known existed before your kundalini rose. This section will walk you through several different psychic gifts that are possible to attain, and as you strengthen your general manifestation and attraction abilities with kundalini awakening, you may even be able to pick and choose these gifts for your experience and needs, based on what you read below.



Astral projection is the psychic gift explored in the previous section, and it is essentially the ability to explore other realms with your consciousness voluntarily.


Aura reading is another psychic gift that is basically exactly what it sounds like. Many of us have the gift of aura reading in our own way, and if anyone tries to tell you that only one version of aura reading is right, they’re not telling you the full truth. Everyone who can see auras sees them a little bit differently because everyone is unique in their own way. Therefore, if you believe you can see auras, but it doesn’t fit with others’ experiences, don’t worry; trust yourself and believe in your gift.


Automatic writing is a psychic gift that involves channeling (the next point in this list) to a certain extent. Essentially, this gift allows the writer to be able to channel his or her higher self, guides, angels, guardians, or more in that person’s effort to be verbally creative.


Channeling is a psychic gift that allows the individual to enter a trance and let another spirit speak through them for a time. It’s sort of like demonic or angelic possession, but it’s voluntary. The person who acts as the channel will almost always be fully willing to let the spirit talk through him or her.



Clairaudience is a psychic gift that revolves around the ability to hear outside the standard range of human hearing. People with these gifts would be able to hear into other planes of existence, even into supernatural worlds.


Clairgustance is an unusual psychic gift that is oriented around taste and eating. Individuals with this gift would randomly get a taste in their mouth and then receive messages later on in relation to that taste. Furthermore, these “clear tasters” would be able to taste something before even putting it on their tongue.


Clairsalliance is a psychic gift that revolves around the ability to smell outside the standard range of human smelling. Perhaps you would smell something before it happened (such as spilled food or a gas main break or fire). Perhaps you would be able to smell someone’s vice on him or her before even striking up conversation. The possibilities are virtually endless!


Clairsentience is the psychic gift that allows one to simply feel the presence of something more. Whether that “more” is a spirit, a guide, an ancestor, a demon, or what have you, this individual would sense the physical (or spiritual) energy of that being before anyone else.



Clairvoyance is a more commonly-heard-of psychic gift that features the ability to see information in one’s mind. These people might receive visions or see physical insights into others’ lives, but the gist is the same each time: things are always visual.


Divination is the general application of one’s psychic gifts to find answers to questions. Divination can be used in terms of reading palms, tea leaves, I Ching, natal charts, tarot cards, crystals, runes, and so much more.


Dowsing is a more old-school psychic gift that our ancestors used to find things. Sometimes, dowsing is guided with a rod or sticks, but the point is to find what’s important to you (it was often water or shelter) when you might even have no idea what you’re looking for.


Empathy is a psychic gift that allows you to literally feel or take on the emotions of another person. Empaths are often highly sensitive to the feelings of others to a detrimental degree until they learn how to ground themselves and protect their energy from all-too-natural invasion by others.



Intuition is an underrated psychic gift, for it truly is an example of precognition. Anyone whose intuition was right essentially received a momentary glimpse into the future, so the next time your intuition is right, be proud for you’re unlocking psychic gifts as you live and breathe! There’s the first piece of proof!


Mediumship is the highly-coveted psychic ability of contacting those who have passed. Many people are fascinated (if not obsessed) with communing with the spirits of those who are no longer living, and kundalini awakening can help you get there, but you’ll really want to be careful. Mediumship can be an incredibly draining gift, and it’s not for the faint of heart. I guess what I’m saying is this: be careful what you wish for.


Premonition is the psychic ability of being able to see into the future. This gift is often more symbolic than literal, but the gist is the same whether the message isliteral or figurative: the individual with the gift of premonition will know of future events before they come to pass.


Psychometry is a sense-based psychic gift that connects the individual with truth or facts about an object, thing, animal, place, or person just by touching it.



Retrocognition is the psychic ability of being able to see into the past with varying degrees of detail. Sometimes, those glimpses are into one’s past lives, while other times, they’re general peeks into the past that have no relation to your experience (as far as you know!).


Telekinesis is a psychic ability that allows the individual to manipulate matter with his or her mind, whether moving it, energizing it, or otherwise. Telekinetic individuals can sometimes do such amazing things as walk through walls, bend firm objects, trash a room without being in it, call people to their aid without speaking, and more.


Telepathy is the final psychic gift we’ll discuss, and it relates to the power of the individual to communicate with others without opening one’s mouth. This alternative mode of communication would likely be through thought, emotion, or vibration.



As you approach this final page of Kundalini: The Ultimate Guide to Awakening Your Chakras through Kundalini Yoga and Meditation and to Experiencing Higher Consciousness, Clairvoyance, Astral Travel, Chakra Energy, and Psychic Visions, another set of thanks is in order. Thank you for making it all the way to this point! I hope that the experience you felt was worthwhile and that you learned quite a lot in the process.



Now that you have this guide and all its information, the next step is to put your plans in motion. You should have a good idea about whether or not you’re ready to begin your kundalini awakening process at this point (or if it’s already happened/happening to you!), and if so, you should have this so-called plan partially drawn up.


Next, it’ll be time to start changing your routines to support your oncoming awakening. It’ll be time to begin adjusting your attitude, trying out meditating, meditating more often, or even just incorporating it into your daily process. With a few simple switches, you will be surprised how quickly the effects start making themselves known.



Overall, if you’ve found this text and its information useful, be sure to leave a review on Amazon. The reviews are highly appreciated and help me incorporate the best information for future books based on what my readers truly want. Let me know what works and what doesn’t; I appreciate your help regardless! Thanks again for the download and for making it all the way through this book.The next steps are up to you! It’s bound to be quite the adventure.


Kundalini Master’s Class -Kundalini_ The Ultimate Guide to Awakening Your Chakras Through Kundalini Yoga and Meditation and to Experiencing Higher Consciousness, Clairvoyance, Astral Travel, Chakra Energy, and Psychic Visions 

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