Kundalini Awakening

Kundalini Awakening

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Kundalini Awakening -Kundalini_ The Ultimate Guide to Awakening Your Chakras Through Kundalini Yoga and Meditation and to Experiencing Higher Consciousness, Clairvoyance, Astral Travel, Chakra Energy, and Psychic Visions 

This chapter is dedicated to those readers who are ready to work directly on kundalini awakening. In the subsequent pages, you will find 29 techniques to help your kundalini awakening along, and the chapter ends with 6 additional methods that you can try to boost your experience. Whether you’ve felt kundalini awakening before or you just learned about it for the first time through this book, the tips included in this chapter are guaranteed to provide substance, depth, and insight into your experiences as you proceed.


29 Awakening Techniques

Ranging from meditation techniques to interpersonal tips and simple world navigation tactics, the options provided in this section will help you move past simple knowledge of kundalini and awakening to the place where knowledge
can be put into practice. Gather your yoga mat, your incense, and your mind, for things are about to get amplified.


Apply kundalini yoga to your practice

The more that you’re able to do so, adding physical layers to your meditative practice will be incredibly beneficial. Kundalini yoga is the best place to start, especially if you’re working on kundalini awakening in particular, rather than just awareness or chakra balancing. Kundalini yoga will help you work through those chakra blockages and get the kundalini going while boosting your meditative practice within the dimension of the moving human body. You’ll be surprised how well it all works together once you start amplifying your practice with yoga.

Use visualization techniques to increase shakti movement

Visualization is almost essential to use as a means of increasing shakti movement throughout your body in the form of your kundalini. The ancient Indians were on the right page when they gave relatable names to these cosmic wells of energy within us. They understood how powerful metaphor and imagery can be when it comes to the workings of the inner body (and one’s subtle energy). For example, as a reminder, “kundalini” means little coiled one–the snake of universe or source energy (shakti) that exists at the base of our spine. We are meant to imagine this snake being charmed and winding its way through our chakras. We are meant to visualize this and many more things. The more visualization you can incorporate into your practice, the better.


Use guided meditation techniques to increase shakti movement

A lot of people need help detaching from the distractions of the mind and the world before they can focus enough to visualize these intricate inner movements. In this cases, I always recommend guided meditation. There are so many ways to help raise your kundalini based on the techniques people share on online meditation forums and even on sites like YouTube. Audio books of guided meditations could also provide the guidance you’ll need to be able to shut off that conscious brain and simply, meditatively focus on the shakti–that pure and potent source energy that wants to move within you. Seek out these guided meditations for kundalini awakening, and you’ll be so grateful you did.


Try pulling the kundalini up from your crown

This technique, in terms of an awakening booster, is a little more detail-oriented than some others. It comes to the way you visualize the kundalini moving from that spinal source within you to the tip of your crown and back down. Essentially, you’ll want to try shifting your focus. If you’ve been imagining things (as most of us will innately do) as if the serpent has been rising up from your base–with that root chakra as your energetic center from which it leaves
and to which it eventually returns–switch things up in an impactful yet subtle way. Imagine your crown chakra as your energetic center and see the kundalini being pulled up through your body, as if drawn by a magnet that rests at the top of your head. Then, once the kundalini rises to this crown point, imagine that you pull the “magnet” away and let the serpent “fall” down back to its opposite end before returning with the magnet replaced. Remember that you are a spiritual being having a human experience, as many have said elsewhere. Your crown chakra holds your purest potential, and shakti energy responds well to that once you reclaim it as your energetic “source.”

Change your mindset

There are a few unintentional roadblocks that tend to come up for many kundalini practitioners. Mainly, you’ll want to perform a couple of checks to ensure that your mindset is as aligned with kundalini awakening as possible. Reject as many sources of negativity in your life as you can. If you can’t get rid of them, try to face them and call them out, or you could just out-right ignore them. On a personal level, too, you can work to change negativity into its opposite extreme of expression when it comes to your personality traits, your routines, habits, and more. Furthermore, the less attachment you have to material things and patterns, the more open you become to the changes awakening has in store for you. Overall, therefore, reject (and possibly counteract) negativity and attachment, and you will surely flourish. (As a general note, if this method doesn’t work for you, don’t force yourself to attempt it, especially if it creates toxic effects for you. In that case, you may have a blockage of third eye or crown chakra that needs to be worked through before full awakening can be achieved.)


Play the observer

Do you often find yourself as the center of attention, in more than just a teamsport-member or theatre-troupe member way? Do you generally crave that type of support and public awareness? Now comes the trickier part. When you are the center of attention, do you notice things better or worse? Do you take in the whole picture or do you get tunnel vision for only what you’re doing (and perhaps what the viewer takes in)? I’d be willing to venture a guess that you aren’t fully aware of what’s going on, particularly in your surroundings, at times when you fill that public position. Maybe a little more time spent playing the observer instead would help you. For people who resonate with the message behind this point, try to be a little more subtle in public settings. See who rises up instead and then just listen to what they have to say. Interrupt your needs and urges in this way, and your kundalini will realize what a powerful energetic shift you’re instigating, responding to its own way in kind.

Find a teacher, supporter, guru, or mentor

If you are ready to do so and are able, begin to approach the idea of meeting and partnering up with a teacher. Whether you consider them a strong and smart supporter, a mentor, a patron, a teacher, a guru, or otherwise, simply begin to consider the possibility of a person like this entering your life. As you continue practicing meditation, yoga, and the rest of your kundalini rising techniques, you’ll likely find that your vibration attracts exactly that which you desire. Now, this attraction effort will involve a bit of action on your part to keep the vibration going, but the actions involved are easier than they sound. Essentially, it’s this: if you get any hunches in this process, follow them. If you think you ought to talk to this new person in particular, trust yourself and go for it. If you want to try eating at a different restaurant, go there and be open to what happens. You can find your teacher in the places you’d least expect; just remain open for experiences, conversations, encounters, and situations that will change your world. Sometimes, just living out that openness is action enough.


Use chanting & kirtan

Some more traditional elements of kundalini awakening involve the combination of mind and body through chanting and singing. This mind-body alignment is not only already incredibly productive for shakti energy’s flow through your system, but also, this combination, in particular, with its focus being expressed through vocalization, will really help those practitioners struggling with throat chakra blockages. Spontaneous chanting is a symptom or sign of kundalini awakening, too, so maybe a bit of practicing will help you get there. To start, try chanting your mantra or your vision of either exactly what you want to happen with your kundalini awakening or your detailed “happy place.” If you follow a religious devotion, you could try a prayer to your god or goddess. If you don’t mind which religion you follow and you simply want to get involved with some sort of active divinity, seek out a local kirtan. Kirtan is a gathering where songs of Sanskrit prayer are sung about many different gods and goddesses. Interestingly enough, “kirtan” means basically “narrating or telling,” while “bhajan,” the name of the yogi who brought kundalini yoga to the West, means “sharing” in a similar context as “kirtan,” with particular emphasis through song. I’m sure this is not completely coincidence.

Do things that make you truly happy

Think back to the time when you were a kid. Put yourself in that mental and emotional space. What did you do for fun? What did you like to daydream about? Go back to memories before puberty. What unrealistic and absolutely fantastical goals did you have? What did you think you’d want to be, and can you remember why you felt that way? Put yourself in that space. Remember what you did to feel truly happy. Now, think of today. Is there any equivalent to that thing that made you so happy from your past that lingers today? Do you still strive to live out those goals and to be happy those same ways? Or have you given up on those feelings for any number of reasons? Now’s the time to think a little. Even if you don’t have those dreams anymore, think of what they meant to you. Think of what they could have really meant in terms of your bigger picture. For instance, one child’s unrealistic goals of being a tree climber for a future career could transform into her future needs to be outside often. The goal in this case is to align your life with those innocent and unrealistic dreams, however it is humanly possible for you to do so. Connect with that deep and lasting childlike happiness, and your kundalini will surely respond.


Practice saying “yes”

Especially for those who have trouble going with the flow, this practice of saying “yes” as often as possible may actually jolt their kundalinis into action! If you relate to the previous statement, it’s likely because you do attempt to hold too tightly to control in your life, so you’ll need a little help going with the flow. The most kundalini-applicable reason that this could be the case is that your solar plexus chakra is blocked, imbalanced, or spinning in the wrong direction. To those readers that need to hear this, say “yes” more often; you deserve it! Give yourself a break and go with the experiences and possibilities that present themselves to you, rather than the ones you cling to or pull desperately your way. Get loose! Say “yes,” and go with the flow. Kundalini will know what to do.

Practice saying “no”

Similar to the last point but decidedly different, some people are too easy going and can’t help but get caught up in the flow. In these cases, the individual might feel like their greatest fears revolve around not being able to say “no” when it really matters. Therefore, the technique for individuals who relate to this message would be to practice saying “no” anytime you’d normally be “pushed over,” for the sake of the phrase’s appropriateness. If people like to turn responsibilities over to you, say “no” as if you aren’t going to lose anything. Turn down dates to have nights in. Turn down hangouts to give some self-love instead. Every time you say “no,” though, remember that you’re doing this to regain strength and boost your soul. Don’t let that solar plexus chakra remain imbalanced; say “no” and that blockage will start to disappear.


Use music therapy

A more physician-approved technique for psychological and soulful awakening of any kind would be music therapy, but I don’t mean that you have to book a doctor’s appointment today. I simply mean that you can find music that supports your goals and listen to it as much as possible. Look for artists who support your causes and check out their music. Look for songs that talk about what you want to manifest in your life. Look for tunes that remind you of being a kid. You can direct your search in a multitude of ways, and you can even find full albums of kundalini awakening meditation music on YouTube. If you’re not into the words and tunes of others, you can create your own songs to process anything you might be going through (that could also be blocking your chakras) to take possession of this music therapy experience and give it your full bodily endorsement. Use music however you need to, and if you have any spontaneous hot or cold flashes, emotional outbursts, or laughing bursts, you’ll know you’re on the right path.

Use sound therapy

Similarly, you could try using just one tone at a time to guide your meditation if the busy-ness of music gets distracting because of how sensitive you are. Someof us can’t handle music when we’re meditating; it’s too distracting to start off with. Some of us can’t handle words of any kind happening when we’re meditating either. Of course, some people don’t have these struggles, but others cannot escape them. Even people who don’t necessarily need to simplify found more sound therapy can work incredible wonders. As I was saying at the start of this point, you can try using just one tone at a time to boost your meditation or yoga. You can chant words at the pitch of the chakra you’re working on, or you could just say “ohm” again and again at the same pitch. You could even take your voice out of it and play one note repeated, whether through YouTube, a musical instrument, or otherwise. See what these tones do for you, for it might be just the trick.


Use art therapy

Instead of using music or sound, maybe art is your thing! You could always try going to a few local art museums and just wander around to see what triggers something in you. Or you could pull up some art on your phone or your laptop to see what helps you feel inspired again. Differently, you could also get back into creating your own art. I know you have it in you, no matter how deeply you’ve buried it! In addition, just because people say it’s “art” doesn’t mean what you make has to be good by their standards! Just create something. You’ll be so glad you did, and even if you’re not glad and you end up hating it, even in the act of destroying what you’ve made, you might find some inner satisfaction that triggers our slithery spirit friend, the kundalini.

Use color therapy

Do you remember what color really is? Do you remember being taught in science class when you were young about how color is just different wavelengths of light being bounced off things and perceived by our limited human eyes? Do you remember all that? If not, take it in because I can almost guarantee you’ve never thought about what all this really means. Certain colors will then have wavelengths and vibrations that heal things within us, sometimes even without us knowing. Each chakra has a color, and the wearing of that color is supposed to help cleanse or open that chakra, but did you ever think of the other implications? Sure, colors associate with chakras, but they also can just affect us in terms of healing that we may not be able to perceive. Colors have healing capacity that’s so subtle and so intrinsic to our daily lives that we hardly even notice. Getting back in touch with subtle energy and color healing will undoubtedly help you connect with your kundalini and instigate its rise.


Spend less time on screens

It may sound basic and unnecessary, but you still need to hear it: the less time you spend on technology, the better. Especially as you begin opening up and experiencing kundalini awakening, you will become very sensitive, even more so than you normally are. It’s like a vicious cycle because that sensitivity has dire implications for your awakening goals, too. You might become triggered into lower states of being by the news or social media feeds. You might be distracted too much from your higher purpose by scrolling on social media all day. You might be too jam-packed with the vibrations of your technological devices that you can’t find your own in the haze. The basic gist is this: the less technology you rely on, the more your vibration is yours and the clearer your focus will be. With less screen time, the more you’re clean.


Change up your social media feed

I know it’s hard to fully detach from social media. It’s really, really hard for some in comparison with others, and it’s particularly true for those individuals that I provide this recommendation to. Instead of cutting out social media
completely, I challenge you to complete these steps. First, choose just one form of social media that you can use to get a bit of everything you might need (i.e., spiritual information, family contact, friend contact, self-expression, community boost, business boost, etc.) and cut out all the others. Second, on this social media, cut down your posts drastically each week. Third, change up your social media feed by cleaning up your friend’s list, the hashtags you follow, and the pages you like. Remember that you can attract spiritual information through social media, too; you just have to work for it. With these three actions taking place, you’ve made some powerful steps in the right direction, and if things don’t drastically change for you within after two weeks, I’ll be extremely surprised.

Trust in the universe, in felicity, and in synchronicity

It’s going to be hard at first, especially if you’ve never practiced this type of radical trust before, but you’re going to have to put some faith in the workings of the world around you. You can do a lot for yourself for the sake of healing and growth, and others can teach you a lot as well, but the world and what’s bigger can teach you more than you can ever imagine. Look up the term “felicity.” Then look up the term “synchronicity.” Now, look up “serendipity.” Start looking for these experiences in your life, and they’ll surely appear. Furthermore, start keeping a journal of the synchronicities you experience, and I almost guarantee that you’ll be making concrete life changes and trusting in the universe in no time. Every sign is a lesson and every interaction, everything you see, can be a sign. Open your eyes and relearn how to trust, and kundalini will know what to do.


Pay closer attention to your breathing

As you begin meditating and eventually come to incorporate it into your daily practice, you’ll start noticing your breathing more than ever. You’ll notice when you hold it unintentionally, when you hyperventilate or are triggered, when you are invited to breathe calmly, when you have the greatest smelling capacity, and more. With this breathing awareness, your kundalini can’t help but respond. What you can do to help along the process is to try to meditate daily, and when you do meditate, breathe deep into your belly. Furthermore, if you can visualize at all, try to visualize that each breath strokes the back of a small serpent that’s sleeping in the pit of your stomach. Imagine that the breath meets the serpent as if you were petting a cat that curled up in the window. With this increasingly close attention on your breathing, your health will improve, and you will only become more and more aligned with awakening.

Pay closer attention to your posture

If you envision the path the kundalini serpent will follow, you can see that (if you’re standing or sitting up straight) it goes up from the root chakra to the sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, and then finally the crown before
going back down and repeating its flow as it can. Now, envision what happens to the flow when you hunch over and curl into the fetal position. The line from chakra to chakra becomes a curve almost like a semi-circle. In this case, the serpent’s path is less predictable and more difficult overall. You can help the kundalini, in this case, by watching your posture as much as possible. Try to sit up and stand up straight whenever possible. Don’t crunch your solar plexus chakra and don’t tuck in your root chakra if you can help it! Moreover, if you have trouble with straight posture, think of what chakras could be blocked and limiting you. Think of what traumas could be standing in your way. Regardless of what you learn, your posture can teach you a lot on your path to kundalini awakening.


Try tapping into the “chakra channel”

In your daily meditation, try this technique specifically. You can boost the technique with visualization, but you don’t have to, for it can be just as effective if you just imagine what’s happening, remember your goals, and let your body do the rest. Essentially, you’ll close your eyes with the meditation and begin to focus your energy into the root chakra. Breathe into your belly and sense that root chakra until you can feel a vibration there. Then, begin to chant your mantra or simply chant “ohm” over and over again. With each repetition, feel the vibration of the next higher chakra as the root energy moves into the sacral, the solar plexus, the heart, the throat, the third eye, and finally the crown. Once you reach the crown, the whole chakra channel inside you should be vibrating with energy, and your kundalini will surely see this open and cleared space as if it was a potential playground to explore.

Practice seeing proof of divinity in everything

Instead of closing yourself off, getting angry at everything, or shutting down when you get upset, try to reshape the way you look at the world. You can try to remind yourself that even when things get intense, it’s just a moment when
divinity decided to test you, providing an experience for you to get stronger if you tap into it correctly and adequately. You can easily see the good times as proof of divinity, and positive signs are the same. Bad times and negative times, though, are harder, and that’s the real challenge. With practice, you’ll be able to see the proof of divinity in every experience, challenge, advantage, situation, and exchange, and I hope it will bring you both glee and lasting inspiration. I know, at least, it will do that much for your kundalini (as long as your feelings and connections with divinity aren’t forced just to get to awakening).


Connect with your spirit guides

Whether your spirit guides are real people, living or dead, who were sainted orwho invented incredible things, or your spirit guides are your ancestors or other literal spirits, you can try getting in touch with them (spiritually or literally) for help in relation to your kundalini awakening. Asking for help is never something to be ashamed of, especially when it comes to something as complex and lifealtering as kundalini awakening. Reach out to your guides for advice. Let them know the situation you’re in and what you’re hoping for. Let them know what you’re working through and what you’re working on. If you don’t know who your spirit guides are yet, it’s time to do a little research and begin connecting. Think of the religion you associate with most and look at the “saints” of that religion. Think of the ancient religion you love and its myths and gods or goddesses. Do some research into the world of spirituality to see if your guides will arise, and when they do, you’ll know whom you should direct these important advice-based questions to.

Use healing crystals

While you’re working through subtle and physical energy blockages and flows, subtle and physical helpers can make the transition into awakening all the easier. Take crystals, for example. These earth minerals, whether raw or polished, each contain a vibration and life essence. When you hold these vibrations around you (especially if you’re lacking those vibrations in particular), they can impart healing capacities to you through direct contact with the stone. Hold a healing crystal in your hand, and you may find yourself with increased capacity for patience, love, devotion, trust, or otherwise. For kundalini awakening, too, this crystal healing potential is great. Crystals of different colors connect to the chakras, and some crystals even have the unique ability to align and cleanse all 7 chakras at once. If you’re in need of a booster for your process, I absolutely recommend going the route of crystal healing. It’s easy, it’s fun, and it can have effects almost instantly.


Practice random acts of kindness or paying it forward

To get your vibration in line with something kundalini can work with, you can try paying it forward as selflessly as possible. Practice random acts of kindness and pay it forward whenever you’re able to. See what’s returned and what hasn’t. See what comes back around even after you send it out. By working with this spirit of compassion and sending energy out into the world like a boomerang just waiting for it to return in some fashion, kundalini (and the shakti that gives it life) will take notice. Soon enough, these practices may become second nature, or they could even manifest material rewards for you closer and closer to the moment of your initial action. Start by sending out whatever generosity and selflessness you can into the universe and then wait to see what returns. If all that returns is insight and knowledge, be sure to feel thankful for that! It didn’t have to be anything at all. Working these practices may be difficult as you attempt to live without attachments and harsh expectations, but it will only be difficult if it poses a lesson you need to learn.


Meditate to open, cleanse & align the chakras first

It may sound simple, but you can always just start off your day with a chakra meditation to open, cleanse, and align everything as you’re able to yourself. Especially, if you’re well-practiced with meditation and you’re comfortable clearing your chakras, this technique may boost you exponentially. From now on, try to start your day with a shower and a chakra cleanse. As the water hits you, visualize that blockages flow out of each chakra, down to your feet, and out into the water down the drain. Visualize your inner peace and wholeness after this cleansing is complete and imagine that your chakras have become better aligned with each time you shower. By starting the day in this way, kundalini will have better motion for the rest of your waking time, and your awakening will be affected drastically.

Practice active patience & forgiveness

Sometimes, what holds us back from awakening is the grudge we cling to the fiercest. While it can be true that holding a grudge can remind some people of their power and their potential to determine their reality, grudges (more often than not) are spiritually toxic. They most often correlate to blockages of the heart chakra, and they can be corrected through active and radical expressions of love, patience, and forgiveness. Next time you butt up against your grudges or their related individuals, try to be the better person. Don’t just think of things that way, though, and really live that “better person” life without the judgment of being actually “better” or thinking that you are. Reject grudge. Reject anger, jealousy, fear, frustration, and irritation. As you can, just express love, forgiveness, and acceptance despite their harshness, and by rolling with those punches, you will emotionally and spiritually grow.


Practice tantric sex with your partner

While kundalini awakening is not all about sex, some sexual practices are incredibly useful for boosting your kundalini’s rise and increasing your shakti. Tantric sex, in particular, is one of the healthiest and most productive sexual practices linked with kundalini awakening. During tantric sex with your partner, you both will try different positions together and engage in mostly the same actions as you normally would, however, the goal of orgasm will be a little different. Tantric sex is about holding sexual positions and holding or redirecting orgasm, pushing endurance to its limits, to use very Western terms about it. You’ll enter and hold these positions, building up energy between you two and sending that energy up into your chakras rather than out into each other, so to speak. Your kundalini is directly involved when actions of this type occur, so its awakening may likely be very closely related to this ancient sexual practice.


Try orgasming differently

If you experience frequent orgasm but don’t yet understand or wish to practice tantric sex, you can try focusing your orgasm into a different part of your body in order to instigate awakening. As with the couple practicing tantric sex and coming to orgasm, you’ll try to focus your orgasmic energy upwards, through your chakras successively to your crown, rather than down and out through your base. This creative energy is always lost from your body during orgasm when you push that energy down out the root chakra, but if you keep some of that energy for yourself by redirecting it upwards, you will invite the serpent to move with you.

6 Other Practices That Can Help

In addition to those 29 kundalini-boosters, 6 or so more intensive practices can be added to your daily routine to your benefit. Ranging from physical exercise to dietary change and other modes of subtle energy healing, the methods in this section are gateways to apply to your awakening for strengthening, deepening, and intensifying the experience as it stands. Now it all depends on what you feel comfortable with and what you’re willing to draw into your life.

Start running

One thing you can do is start running if you’re physically able to. Running is great for your lungs, your heart, your bones, your posture, and more. Spiritually, running can connect you with the potential you have to free yourself from restriction (to a certain degree) and to create your own reality. When you’re in the practice of running, and things really feel good, you have the sense that you are free to go anywhere your feet can carry you. This feeling evokes pure joy for me, and it helps me resolve feelings of being trapped in the system in other ways. For others, too, running can provide those feelings they’re desperately craving while increasing their bodies’ strengths and potentials. Through the practice of running, you should focus your attention on becoming strong, gaining endurance, and increasing the alignment of your body. If you find that you struggle with any of these three points despite your shift into running, you may want to eliminate it from your routine. The goal here is to promote overall health, and if you’re adding undue stress to your days, it’s not really worth it in the long run. Instead of running, these individuals are invited to try bicycling, trail walking, road walking, roller blading, or any other, less-intensive method of getting outside and getting physical.


Change your diet

It can be the case that your diet keeps you from following through with awakening. What vibration do the foods that you’re eating contain? Have you ever thought to look? Sure, you’ve thought of calories, fats, carbs, and proteins, but have you thought of the food’s actual vibration? If you’re trying to awaken the source of subtle yet universal energy inside you, you’re going to need some vibrationally powerful food. If you’re running into struggles with awakening that either aren’t being resolved or that feel like they’re leading nowhere, try switching up your diet. Trade out the processed foods for whole foods. Trade out the meats for fruits and vegetables. Once you start eating better foods and drinking better things, your cells will replenish themselves with the nutrients from these healthier substances, which will lead to a better and healthier overall expression of you! It might sound far-fetched, but food has energy just like crystals and herbs do, even more so. When you eat that food, you take on its energy, and if you eat death constantly, you will have a stagnant vibration. Raise your vibration through your food, and kundalini will be riding those shakti, world-shattering waves to awakening right along with you.

Spend time with nature & meditate there

Don’t forget the importance of going outside as you begin this life-changing practice! There will be times when you feel low as you shed what doesn’t serve you. There will be times when you feel so full of energy that you could burst.
There will be times when you feel like you’ve been walking in circles with blinders on and just now realizing what’s been going on. Kundalini awakening is a strange and bewildering time and having a solid routine for grounding can be immensely helpful. Throughout your process, never forget the value of going into nature. Nature is an endless reserve of subtle physical healing energies. It’s also a wealth of signs that can help you communicate with your guides, your higher self, and your intuition. The physical environment is alive beneath our feet, and it can teach us more about ourselves (and our potential as humans) than we might like to face, but its lessons are so, so, endlessly necessary to hear and to learn. No matter what season it is for you or where you happen to live (city or otherwise), get outside! Dress appropriately and go out to take in the season! Meditate in nature whenever possible and let the visual symbolism of these beautiful spaces guide you and your kundalini through any difficult work ahead.


Live a life of service or try volunteering

Are you really living from the heart? Or are you living from the head or the gut? Are you maybe living from your groin instead? As you work through your chakras’ blockages into kundalini awakening, you will be forced to find yourself many, many times. You will see how your self-expression has been (and has not been) aligned with your overall growth, and you will begin to notice the patterns in your behaviors and personality traits. Eventually, you may even be made to face your inadequacies in terms of love, self-expression, self-control, creativity, survival, spirituality, psychic-ness, and more. The most intense inadequacy to face, however (especially for those involved with kundalini awakening), is the inability to love purely and selflessly. For those struggling with this heart chakra
blockage, “faking it until you make it” likely won’t work. You’ll need a physical anchor for this love to connect with; otherwise, it will never feel genuine for you. In that case, you might try volunteering or switching your job momentarily to work in service of others. By putting yourself in a work-place situation of service, you will be tested, and your abilities to love others selflessly will be strengthened with each breath you take. It could be that your experiences are wholly positive, but it very well may not. Take heart, however, for those harsh experiences are the greatest teachers of all. In time, you will notice how your heart is like a flower that blossoms with every new interaction. You’ll know your kundalini’s awakening when what used to cause you the most bitter irritation now evokes nothing but love.

Boost your practice with other subtle energy-healing techniques

While kundalini awakening clearly connects you with realms of subtle energy in your life, it can also be greatly boosted by the presence of other subtle energyhealing modalities aside from just using healing crystals or being around physical nature. Moreover, of course, once you come to know more and more about subtle energy-healing modalities, you can begin to pair them and combine them generally as you see fit. The point is this: as you work through what helps you and what doesn’t, you’ll realize that your intuition (aka, your connection to your higher self and more) is stronger and more helpful than almost anything else; you will draw to you the healing that you need, even if it just looks like massage or a plant or a teeny pill that dissolves under your tongue. In that case, your practice of kundalini awakening (or any awakening or ascension, generally) should always be boosted by the application of other subtle energetic modalities, as you see fit. A few options are as follows.

First, you could try using flower essences as a modality of subtle energy healing that supports your kundalini awakening. Flower essences work based on the extracted vibration of one type of flower at a time. Basically, you take (or buy the product created by) a few buds of a particular flower and put them in a clear bowl of water. Then, you set the bowl in the sunshine for 12 hours, either at once or over time, as the sun wills. After that point, you remove the flower buds and bottle the water with a drop or two of brandy as a preservative in each bottle. Voila, you’ve got flower essences! Now, the fun begins. Just as each person, each color, and each crystal has its own vibration, so does each flower. When the essence of the flower is “extracted,” to a certain degree, in the flower essence, you can then orally take the remedy (of a few drops of its liquid a few times a day) and work to cure certain ailments that are attached to one’s aura or subtle energetic expression. Flower essences can dissolve chakra blockages, too, without you even realizing that’s what they’re doing. Look up flower essences, for I promise, you’ll be fully amazed with the potential.

Second, you could seek out reiki healing in order to remove your chakras’ blockages and help the kundalini along. Reiki healing is a traditional Japanese method of energy work that eliminates obstruction and blockage inside the individual (emotionally, spiritually, intellectually, or otherwise) through the applied insight and potential power of the practitioner. While reiki healing is often paired with massage, it doesn’t have to be, for it’s really just about the potential for the practitioner to dissolve energy blockages within the individual from afar, through the application of the right energetic methods. Reiki healers don’t even necessarily have to be next to you to heal you through their methods. By connecting their own kundalini to shakti, to their spirit guides, and to the earth, these individuals can receive guidance that blasts open your chakras from states away, paving the way for the serpent to flow within you. Just be sure you know what you’re getting yourself into before your first session!

Third, you could generally receive massages that aid in blockage release. With or without the addition of reiki, massages are still an incredible thing. They feel amazing (especially when performed by someone you trust), but they do more than just make your skin and muscles feel good. Massages can also help you become more aware of any blockages you might have (i.e., through where it feels okay to be touched and where it doesn’t, through the places the masseuse tends to linger on, through the pains you didn’t realize you had, and more) as you work through that chakra opening and clearing process, making way for kundalini. If you’re not comfortable with massage, try just getting a manicure or a pedicure (Even if you’re a guy! Just be brave, schedule the appointment, and own it!). The manicurist or pedicurist will absolutely massage your hands or feet, respectively, and that smaller, focused massage will, through reflexology, affect your overall bodily awareness (and potential for kundalini awakening), too. In fact, any reflexology, acupuncture, or acupressure would be equally helpful to this extent.

Fourth, you could still seek out therapy if you’re comfortable doing so. While it doesn’t help all people, talking things out can still be immensely helpful for some. Therapy doesn’t have to be completely about talk, either. Remember from earlier in this chapter that therapy can be based around art, color, sound, and music, too! If you think that you need to work through something in a bigger way than just your insides can handle, don’t be ashamed. Turning to therapy may potentially save your life. It might be daunting to know where to start or how to make the first move. Try art or music therapy first if you can. If you can’t afford a personal doctor, create your own therapies. Do whatever you need to in order to get the toxicity out and somehow neutralized, and if that means that you go to a “shrink” and talk things over, go for it. Kundalini (and your higher self) will be thankful you did.

Fifth, you could try using essential oils or herbal healing to get things in gear. These suggestions are correlated through their reliance on the vibrational essences of plants and herbs. Through essential oils, the vibration is extracted and contained in oil vehicles, while the herbs could also be made into “flower” essences. Through herbal healing, as a whole, however, herbs are simply appreciated for the subtle energies they contain and the healing they can impart. Essential oils can vary in rarity and availability, but herbs themselves can sometimes be extracted from your own backyard. If you’re in a rush these days, however, you can always buy online. Make sure that you’re buying essential oils that are perfectly in line with your goals, but you can also make things purposefully ritualistic and low-tech. If you’d rather try the in-person, low-tech method, go out in nature yourself and forage for plants with a guidebook. If you’re drawn to a plant without knowing what it is, look it up and take notes. You may find that your guides (or your intuition) have been leading you to the ideal cure for so long without you even knowing it. Whether you use the essential oil, the bought plant, or the foraged herb, kundalini will be grateful and respond in kind.

Sixth, you could try decalcifying your pineal gland and reprogramming your energy through sun gazing. Sun gazing requires you to be present for sunrise and sunset each day. The gist is this: you stand barefoot in the rays of the sun as it rises and sets, looking toward the sun, soaking in its life-giving energy, and learning to feel full of its potential. Then, you tie this practice in with intermittent or spontaneous fasting to get the whole experience of feeling connected to the earth in completely new ways. Sun gazing supposedly has antiaging, anti-hunger, and anti-illness benefits that are almost unmatched by modern medicine, and you’d better believe that sun gazing will affect kundalini’s movement, too. Wake up with the sun and breathe in its rays deeply. If you don’t feel kundalini stir up some shakti after just a week, I’ll be completely flabbergasted.

Seventh and finally, you could try homeopathic remedies to work through what’s causing those chakra blockages within you in the first place. While modern medicine and pharmaceutical cures operate off of allopathic healing (things different from the problem cure the problem) principles, subtle energy cures lead us to investigate the older practice of homeopathy (like cures like) instead. Homeopathy sometimes gets a bad reputation but is much more worth one’s effort than you might imagine. Homeopathic remedies are constructed from the vibrational essences of plants, minerals, and animals to the point of mitigating the debilitating circumstances or illnesses. Instead of assuming, like modern medicine does, that you can only heal something by administering a cure devised separately, homeopathy assumes that poisons (in very small doses) can actually heal greater ailments. It’s worth writing a whole book on the subject, but for now, it will suffice to say that you should look into homeopathy if you’re intrigued by this point. It could be that the trigger for your kundalini awakening is a teeny homeopathy pill you’ll let dissolve under your tongue, and the greatest thing is that if you take a homeopathic cure that your body doesn’t actually need, it won’t do anything to you at all. Essentially, these wonderful subtle energetic remedies only work if you need them. What are you waiting for? You’ll never know how well these remedies can work until you do the research and try them for yourself!


Take a dance class

Along the lines of the first point in this section, you might try taking a dance class instead of taking up running. This decision would be much easier on your knees, your lungs, and your muscles overall, but it could still be just as worthwhile, if not more so. It just depends on your experience, your chakras, and your goals with kundalini awakening. Overall, dance classes allow for physical exercise aligned with your mental and meditative goals, but also provide an outlet for creative expression that is likely not present for those who just choose to run or work out or attend kundalini yoga classes. Therefore, attending dance class would work incredibly well for people working through lower chakra blockages (especially blockages in the sacral region).



By connecting with music, rhythm, movement, passion, ecstasy, bliss, and inspiration, people who choose the dance class method will find release in the sacral and root chakras regardless. Some people need this specific release more than others. If you’re stuck with your root, sacral, or solar plexus chakras, don’t turn right toward running to be your exercise mode of release (that’s better for crown, third eye, and throat chakra blocked people, anyways). Instead, join a dance studio and take a weekly class! Whether it’s shamanic dance, modern dance, hip hop, ballet, or otherwise,  just getting your body moving will  inspire the kundalini, and every rhythmicallyplanned step you take will only serve to align your life more with your greatest, most creative potential.


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