Interesting Facts Regarding the Third Eye

Interesting Facts Regarding the Third Eye

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Interesting Facts Regarding the Third Eye -Third Eye Activation Mastery, Proven And Fast Working Techniques To Increase Awareness And Consciousness NOW ! – third eye, opening the third eye, astral projection, lucid dreaming

Did you know that you and everyone else you know have psychic powers? Well, that is the fact, only that just as there is latent and kinetic energy, some people have active psychic powers while others have theirs dormant. Meaning…? What that actually means is that you may have intuition about something and acknowledge it, yet others never give room for possibilities of intuition; they block the idea out and always wait to see logic before accepting there may be a chance of unsubstantiated occurrences.

If you want to tell if you are one of the people who acknowledge and appreciate intuition, people whose 3rd eye is open, there are certain things you can observe.

Here – How To Tell You Have Natural Psychic Abilities

Seek to answer the questions below, and if some of your answers are in the
affirmative, then you know your 3rd eye is open – you have a high intuition level:



  • Do you find yourself thinking of somebody and almost immediately your
    phone rings and it is them on the line; or better still, they appear from
  • Do you sometimes have a hunch about something and when you ignore it
    you come to regret having done so?
  • Are you able to tell from the onset if you like or dislike someone when
    you meet them for the first time?
  • Are you sometimes certain about the outcome of an event even before it
    takes place?
  • Do you sometimes guess a person’s profession, without the benefit of
    hearing them speak and without being guided by the manner of dressing,
    and you are spot on?
  • Do you experience vivid dreams of a prophetic nature?
  • Do you get many coincidences and synchronicities in your life?

Some of us do have these signs of great intuition, but we push them into the background because we are scared of what seems mysterious and strange. But you need not do that. Granted, it is normal to try and protect yourself from what you may fear to be harmful – like trying to bar anything that may seem to make you feel a little crazy – but the downside is that right there you could be blocking out some very nice things that could bring optimism and hope to your life. You could even miss a lifetime friend just because you thought your strong intuition about them was strange.



There Is Nothing Crazy About Having Psychic Abilities

Be happy you can tap into your intuitive abilities. Everyone else has this intricate inner guidance system, but not everyone is able to benefit from it. There is actually nothing magical about the whole thing and it is not something you can associate with any religious faith – it is simply human. Human beings are themselves a great force of energy. Everything else around us has some energy too. Is it strange then that you should be able to have some unspoken communication with fellow human beings and with all things on earth?

If you follow that simple logic, you will realize that surely there is nothing really incomprehensible about having psychic abilities. In fact, the reason we often miss it is the preoccupation we have with conventions of society and other conditions that get the sensitivity of the third eye suppressed.

Some people have distinct psychic abilities

We have been speaking of you thinking of something and it happens; you having a good feeling about someone and you end up getting a lifetime connection with them; things that affect you. But guess what? You could go a notch higher and be able to tell things that affect other people – like the example of guessing someone’s profession and it turns out right; or even being able to tell them what they are going to become later in life. That is being psychic. It means that other people can rely on you to warn them against impending danger and you end up protecting them; or they could rely on you to pick the right option when it comes to life choices.

Psychics may have varying fields of strength

Just like in school where we say that so and so is bright but is a math genius or a science guru, it is the same with psychics. Some have incredibly strong intuition relating to sight; others relating to the sense of touch; others relating to the sense of hearing; and so on. In that regard, we have psychics that can be categorized as:



  • Clairvoyants
  • Clairaudients
  • Clairsensitives
  • Remote viewers
  • Lucid projectors
  • Lucid dreamers
  • Precognitors
  • Retrocognitors
  • Telepaths

In reality, psychics have the ability to strengthen even those intuitive abilities they were initially not so strong in. This is because they are already good at making good use of those high level energies. It then means that you could find a person who accurately hears sounds of happenings far off – the Clairaudient –being able to tie those sounds to actual events happening in real time, and even seeing the actual people involved in those events – meaning you are a remote viewer too.

Alright! That is getting a little deep now – but clearly understandable. We all have our third eye, but only part of us behave in ways that encourage it to open and add awareness to the sensitivity of our five common senses. You see with your naked eyes; feel with your physical body; hear with your ears; taste with your tongue; and smell with your nose. But guess what – even if you lost those senses but had your third eye well open, you could still make sense of what is happening around you and know what kind of people exist in this wide world. Oh… Is that the same as being a medium?



Well, not necessarily.

So, what is a medium?

For one, you are right to the extent that a medium is a psychic. But you cannot flip that conversely – a psychic is not necessarily a medium. You see, a medium can communicate with the spiritual world – yes, even the spirits themselves! But you as a psychic can only communicate with me and others, and also things, through the link in energies.

Simply put, what you as a psychic have in common with a medium is the ability to see someone’s past life; the current life; and also the future trend. However, when you have the abilities of a medium, you find yourself getting assistance of knowing things from the spirits of people departed and other divine powers. That is why you can see a medium telling you how your late grandpa looked like and the kind of voice he had; whether he is happy with what you are doing now or not; and possibly what you should do to remedy an unpleasant situation you may be in.

Can you learn to be a medium?

Seriously, very few things are impossible with the help of the spiritual powers. We have already seen that you are capable of developing your psychic abilities even when all along you had your third eye closed. With the art of becoming a medium, you just need the right teacher plus the right level of patience to take you through the necessary practice. But we must acknowledge that being a medium is a pretty rare gift.



How To Know You Are A Natural Medium

First and foremost, if you are a natural, the things you experience do not begin after an incident or an accident. They also do not begin to happen after you undergo some seminar or such other training. You do not also begin to experience them at maturity. You begin to experience extraordinary things without any prompting or any jerking from a traumatic experience; and also without any training towards that end.

Here are some telltale signs that you are a born natural when it comes to the exceptional abilities of a medium:

  • You can feel the physical presence of someone invisible in the room,
    something that others with you cannot detect. In similar circumstances,
    you may feel a cold breeze yet you know there is no wind sweeping
  • You could find yourself sometimes hearing voices even when nobody is
    physically speaking around you. You may clearly hear people whispering
    or even hear your name being called out as if someone wants your
  • You may find yourself receiving messages in your dreams, possibly from
    departed relatives or friends. And it is not always that the messages are
    meant for you; sometimes they are meant for other people. That is how
    you get to mediate, as a medium, between the living and the dead.
  • Sometimes you get communication from a super power, a spiritual power,
    giving you insights into things you otherwise would not have known. This
    may come in form of a conversation within you – a kind of debate – that
    leaves you with a clear perspective.
  • It becomes common for you to see apparitions from the very corners of
    your eyes.


Now that you understand what the Third Eye is, you can start using it every day. Start by ensuring it is open in the first place. Follow the simple steps indicated in this book and watch your life change for the better. With increased awareness about your life in relation to those around you, you will feel confident undertaking certain projects and engaging with different people. This is mostly because the intuitive power of your third eye is able to warn you when certain moves are likely to lead you to danger and when certain others would be fruitful. When you practice opening and closing your third eye, be sure you are getting full control of your life, which is a good feeling and also a good thing for practical purposes.



You may also wish to put your learned skills and enhanced level of spiritual awareness to practice, and see if you can help other people. This is something you can certainly do if you realize you have stepped into the realm of real psychics or even mediums. You may also be useful to parents of children with heightened psychic awareness, so that both the parents and the children can be able to lead normal lives without feeling overwhelmed.

The next step is to go back over the book as needed while you begin to do your routine practices which are bent on enhancing the clarity of your third eye. Certain practices that you do before you go to bed ensure that you have a nice, peaceful sleep, while others that you do first thing when you get up in the morning ensure you begin your day feeling energized and positive about life. Once you have managed to open your third eye, it is unlikely you will wish to ignore it again considering how great you feel when you have the feeling of being in-charge of your life. With your high intuitive power, for instance, nothing really gets you entirely unaware – at least some vibe will have warned you of the possibilities; the power of the third eye.

Reach for the intuitive level you deserve and don’t forget to congratulate yourself for a job well done when you finally have your intuitive awareness!



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Interesting Facts Regarding the Third EyeThird Eye Activation Mastery, Proven And Fast Working Techniques To Increase Awareness And Consciousness NOW ! – third eye, opening the third eye, astral projection, lucid dreaming

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