How You Can Close Your Third Eye

How You Can Close Your Third Eye

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How You Can Close Your Third Eye -Third Eye_ Third Eye Activation Mastery, Proven And Fast Working Techniques To Increase Awareness And Consciousness NOW ! – third eye, opening the third eye, astral projection, lucid dreaming

For starters, why would you wish to close your powerful third eye? Well, there may be varying reasons for this. If you have been on the farm, for example, and observed a farmer opening a goat pen, you may have seen how young rams
behave once the pen is open: they ran amok! The farmer may smile about that but it would be a different ball game if the rams continued that behavior for hours on end. The farmer may have to call a veterinary doctor to check the animals with a view to taming them.

This is the same case that happens sometimes. You may open your third eye and begin experiencing the power of vision that comes with it; the swirling energy on your brow; intuition that proves 100% reality; and vivid reading of your environment. While this can be exciting, supposing you continued to visualize every potential happening on a continuous basis? Would it not overwhelm you after a while? In fact, chances are that you may find yourself being privy to occurrences you would rather you did not know – and that can be unsettling. At this juncture, if you had your way, you would close that third eye in an instant.

Other times you may just want to temper that psychic power of awareness just a little bit. Here is one way you can turn off your third eye or tone down your intuition:

Deliberately switching focus from your third eye.

There are many ways to do that. Here are some you could try:

  • Tell yourself that you seriously want to get out of that spiritual energy
    and return to your normal surroundings. By suggesting you tell
    yourself, the meaning is that you deliberately try to focus your energy
    away from your 6th chakra and possibly onto other chakras that deal
    with the physique.
  • Switch your focus on your physical surrounding, or even on doing
    mundane stuff.
  • You could do something which can contribute to stimulating your root
    chakra, hence making you grounded in your actions and relationships
    too. Examples of activities you can engage in for that purpose include
    clearing your house of clutter and keeping yourself busy organizing it.
  • Pay attention to details of your daily life, including analyzing your
    bills and paying them; analyzing your bank account and possibly doing
    some bank reconciliations; such things that distract you from psychic
  • Engage in some physical exercises like jogging; table tennis; or just
  • Getting a massage.

Disconnecting from the realm of the psychic

It is not automatic that you get yourself from matters of the head in a moment especially once you have been in it for some time, but it is important that you work on it. If you allow yourself to remain in that state of heighted intuition, you may get a shock when something happens in your immediate surroundings abruptly. So you need to make a deliberate effort to retain reasonable awareness of your worldly environment even as you get your third eye energies flowing.

Involve yourself in mundane stuff and routine

You could, for instance, get into the routine of taking breakfast; reading the dailies; watching mainstream media; and not doing anything creative at all. With time you will see no visions and you will stop sensing anything intuitive. This is because while you were busy attending to mundane stuff, visions surfaced but you did not pay attention to them and so they left. Soon, your third eye closes. Well, this is not Greek or Latin: just simple English. And you will appreciate this when you consider how much people talk around you and you do not register a thing. Why? This is simply because you have deliberately kept your focus elsewhere – maybe an e-mail you were replying to; a bank statement you were  analyzing; and so on.

Discard your own belief that the third eye exists

How is that possible? Well, just like athletes on the track, if you begin second guessing yourself, you will slow down. The reason you succeed is because you remain focused. So when you want to close your third eye, telling your mind that the whole belief system was a joke and that the whole psychic business is not possible begins to weaken your psychic abilities.

If you find it difficult to convince yourself since you believe in the third eye anyway, try discussing the topic with skeptics. They will emphasize to you how crazy it is for anyone to believe in such power of intuition, and that will begin to make dents on your belief too. If you keep at it, soon you will have your psychic awareness dropping, and in due course your third eye will close.

Important Facts Concerning the Third Eye

We are happy when our third eye is open especially because we feel confident we know where we are in life. But as observed above, if uncontrolled, your psychic awareness can overwhelm you to the extent you want it off. However,
there are times when you want to enhance your psychic awareness and have your third eye clear, yet you do not reach your optimum. You need to be aware of the things that you can do and end up sabotaging your personal efforts – like: Staying up late and sleeping irregular times How is that negative in strengthening the vision of the third eye? Well, the way the pineal gland works has a connection with the 24hr cycle of the earth’s rotations. So, for your third
eye to function optimally, you need to adhere to the natural day’s cycle. You use natural light working in the daytime, and you use artificial light minimally before you go to bed.

Intense use of technology

You are bound to find it difficult retaining your psychic awareness if you are spending hours and hours on your laptop, your Iphone and so on. These gadgets have artificial light that travels at unimaginable speed, and that, inevitably, affects your pineal gland. In fact, word has it that this techno-culture has weakened the genetic ability you used to have to ward off nightmares.

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