How to have Courage to do what you Love

How to have Courage to do what you Love

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JOANNE FLINN: How to have Courage to do what you Love -Motivating your Mind Inspiring your Spirit

A personal journey of how The Business of Change

When I was growing up, I was told to study hard, get a good job and climb the ranks. Sound familiar? I did it. I succeeded on those terms – a successful executive, a published author, my own business. This was not without cost. I had burned out, my health had suffered as had relationships. I asked myself ‘was this the only way? Could I find more exciting, powerful, fun alternatives?’

2013 was the Year of the Snake. For me, it’s been a journey to find the courage to do what I love. Do you do what you love?

It began with subtle clues, most of which I missed. I noticed I was telling myself: ‘I should do this,’ or ‘I cannot do that’. Something inside of me wanted to do something, but the ‘nots’ and the ‘shoulds’ had me locked into a professional path created long ago.

The clues got more direct. Things began to go wrong. Great clients no longer needing me, invoices paid late.

It took a while for me to pay attention. I did notice it when the Universe’s baseball bat came out. Have you ever felt one of these in your life?

I had denied all this. After all, things do go wrong on occasion. ‘It’s normal’, I said to myself. I was asked if I felt that I was in flow. ‘Clearly not’, I replied. I realized I had a choice: to operate in the space of struggle or to consciously focus on creating flow. To actually do what I love.

When I started to show up, I found three parts were needed to have the courage to do what you love. Where are you in your journey?

Getting Clear:

I found layers coming up and then falling away. Insecurities, doubts and fears came up. Even thinking about doing something different was a trigger. I handled judgments that others close to me would make if I started something different. I developed techniques to admit to myself what my dreams were.

Building Confidence:

As I began to get hints of what I loved, I began to play with them, a new style of facilitating, a more powerful way of focusing leaders, deliberately creating light and laughter, painting for the first time in seven years. What do you love? One fear that came up was money in which I had to see the financial side of a different life work yet I built my confidence in doing what I love.

Creating Courageously:

I facilitated a group of 90 Certified Public Accountants a few weeks ago who laughed, learned and loved the process. I’m showing up as me – showing my real hair color …Oh fun.

Creating art – selling my art – holding my space – expressing my strengths and vulnerabilities I am doing what I love with courage.

Enter 2014, the Year of the Horse and do what you love!

JOANNE FLINN: How to have Courage to do what you Love -Motivating your Mind Inspiring your Spirit

Joanne Flinn is the only artist who uses the powerful Platinum process to integrate presence, living fully, attitude,
timing, insight, nerve, uniqueness and money. She uses this powerful process in art, in business and while facilitating,
training and keynote speaking. Based in Singapore, she can be reached at +65 9789 3147


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