How Do You Open That Third Eye?

How Do You Open That Third Eye?

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How Do You Open That Third Eye? -Third Eye_ Third Eye Activation Mastery, Proven And Fast Working Techniques To Increase Awareness And Consciousness NOW ! – third eye,opening the third eye, astral projection, lucid dreaming

Is there really only one way to skin a – no; you do not want trouble with animal activists so you dare not see yourself skinning a cat, whichever eye you are using. So let us ask, is there just one way of catching a thief? And the answer is no – there are more than one way. You could lie in wait; set up CCTV cameras; and many other ways. Likewise, there is more than one way to open your third eye. You could do this and do that; but ultimately the practice you put into the whole experience is what determines how successfully you manage to open that third eye.


In meditation, you seek out some quiet place. And do not worry; we appreciate the world is one noisy place. So your place need not be as quiet as a deserted church – just quiet enough to let you focus without major distractions. Again, it needs to be a place where you can sit down. This is how you go about it:

  • Sit right on the floor. Whether you have laid a mat or not is not consequential.
  • Set up your back; it needs to be straight
  • Cross your legs before you – well, you cannot really cross them any different way, can you?
  • Rest your open hands on your knees

You are now set for meditation…

Hold on! Suppose sitting on the floor is a no for me? That is a question you should expect from many people, but the truth is – that is not a reason for you or anyone else to let meditation pass. So, in case, for some reason you cannot actually sit on the floor, or possibly you do not want to, get a chair and sit on it. Just ensure that your back remains straight.

And how is the rest of the body in the meantime? Well:

  • Chest – out
  • Abdominal muscles – tight What is the big deal with abdominal muscles? Well, they are very important in supporting the upper part of your body.
  • And shoulders – down
    Why down for the shoulders? Well, you are required to relax; that is the reason. In fact, you need to consciously let your body go even as you observe the areas pointed out above, of the abdominal muscles and so on.
    You are now set; go!
  • Begin by letting your head that now sits on a relaxed neck move from side to side. That way, you are helping release the tension that may be in your neck muscles. Once you do that, you will feel your body generally relaxing.
  • It is now time to address your mind. Sweep out all thoughts from your mind. Oh – and how is that possible? You may try to forget the issue of your college fees but then the thought of the energy bills surfaces. And when you have just managed to ignore that one the image of that colleague who sabotages your work in the office jumps in. Looks like this is the real sabotage against opening your third eye – lots to worry about in life!

But gladly, there is a trick. Do you hear that humming of your old fridge that seems destined to go on for eternity? You can choose to focus on it single mindedly. Alternatively, you can focus on your breathing rhythm – in, out, in, out… Whatever you focus on let your mind not be distracted from it.

Alright! But a tough call it is. No – do not fret about attaining perfection. Rome was not built in a day and you do not expect to master this technique overnight. So, cut yourself some slack. If a thought lands from nowhere – well, you know it is from some corner of your mind – just acknowledge it has had the better of you and switch your focus back to the one thing you chose for concentration.

How long do you remain in the state of meditation?

Well, you need to aim at 30 minutes in the least. However, you do not have to stick to the minimum because you know what? You often find yourself wasting the initial 10 to 15 minutes of your session, trying to get rid of all the junk that has accumulated in your mind from the daily hustles. In fact, you can refer to those first many minutes as your transition period from the normal chaotic world to your peaceful meditative state.

How often should I meditate?

Hey! You cannot have enough of a good thing. But since the reality of life is such that you cannot meditate as often as monks do, spare some time every day just for that. Once you make daily meditation part of you, you will begin to notice some elevated level of consciousness.

And when you are seriously pressed for time?

Well, just know the secret of what you want and make it happen. Even five minutes or less will do. Yes – you can do it. Once you have mastered the art of meditation, you can just leave the scene where everyone else is, dash to the toilet – supposedly, and not for real – and just go to a secluded place and have a couple of minutes’ session of meditation. You will join the rest of your pack feeling more relaxed and with more heightened level of comprehension.

Some simple but important things to note:

  • If you keep thinking about how much time is remaining for your meditation session to end, it means you will be distracted very often. Why not solve this problem by setting a timer? So, yours is to concentrate with no excuse to stray. After all, once your session is up, your timer will ring.
  • You can meditate even as you go about some chores. Just like you can send a prayer to the Divine even when you are not in a place of worship, so too can you put your mind into meditating mode anytime, anywhere. For instance, when you are busy brushing your teeth, something that we know is very repetitive and routine; you can deliberately focus on the movement of your brush while keeping all other thoughts out. You will effectively manage to handle two things in one move – you will have clean teeth and a clear, focused mind.

Here is another angle to opening your third eye:

The inadvertent way.

The way your third eye opens up in under this banner is surely inadvertent. You do not go out to open it and you do not strategize about it. Yet it happens. Here are some ways you can abruptly find yourself with a radically high level of intuition in a way you never experienced before: After experiencing a near death situation Instances have been known where ordinary people like you became psychics after surviving near fatal accidents. You have the mediums John Holland and Maureen Hancock of the US as great examples whose heightened psychic abilities developed after serious accidents.

After losing someone you love

Inevitably, even people who are ordinarily not spiritual become spiritual in the course of grieving for someone they loved. And as they let themselves get spiritual comfort, they get their third eye opened even though that was not a planned move.

After giving birth to a child

Automatically, your senses are on high alert when you have a newborn. You want to protect the vulnerable baby and ensure it is comfortable at all times. That in itself is a way of opening your third eye as your intuition heightens.

Undertaking energetic healing

If you have sessions of energetic healing, say hypnosis or something like Reiki, which is a form of physical therapy, you can have your third eye opening. Such sessions activate your sixth sense and raise the frequency of your vibrations. Just so you know, those extraordinary ways of activating your third eye are not exhaustive. If you look at the thread that cuts across all of them, you can safely come to the conclusion that any life shaking event can cause an alert in your system and hence a heightened level of intuition – activating your third eye.

How Do You Open That Third Eye? -Third Eye_ Third Eye Activation Mastery, Proven And Fast Working Techniques To Increase Awareness And Consciousness NOW ! – third eye,opening the third eye, astral projection, lucid dreaming

How Do You Open That Third Eye

How Do You Open That Third Eye?

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