How about opening your Third Eye in unconventional ways

How about opening your Third Eye in unconventional ways?

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How about opening your Third Eye in unconventional ways? Third Eye_ Third Eye Activation Mastery, Proven And Fast Working Techniques To Increase Awareness And Consciousness NOW ! – third eye, opening the third eye, astral projection, lucid dreaming

Well, the norm feels safe and sure, and it is more often stress free, but hey! How about venturing outside the usual; the norm; the conventional? It sounds like a little adventure, and there is, really, nothing wrong with having some fun while trying to reach the realms of the highly spiritual or highly intuitive. In fact, the reality is that the norm can sometimes be boring – or not so much enticing. Of course we need to mention here that whatever you do in a bid to open your third eye needs to be done within the tenets of moderation and good health.

With that in mind, let us look at some crazy sounding methods, but which ultimately end up opening your 3rd eye in ways unknown to you before:

Searching for the Poetic Dragon Smoke

Here, you are being called upon to make a great leap from what you know and what you have always believed, to a mental sphere where you are ready to register new things. You will be accepting to break the boundary markers of the finite, and allowing your mind to venture into the world of the infinite. In short, you will refuse to see things at face value, but instead get your mind reading between the lines with the openness to embrace new meanings and perspectives. Allow yourself some mental adventure and let your third eye embrace the great mystery.

This is exemplified well in the way ancient poets laid their work. They would write things that are familiar to you in an interesting way, but then in the middle of their work they would, sort of, lose you. They would write things with pretty deep meaning, and which would call for great intellect for you to comprehend. And then they would end up resuming their initial simplicity and tone. According to the Chinese, those poets were riding on dragons and during the span that they lose you in their writing, it is the time their dragons are emitting smoke, the way it happens in major Chinese festivities; and in the process shooting the poet to the world unknown – the unconscious. Of course, the poets would later resume the common world and we begin to read something familiar. Seeking to open your third eye is an attempt to cross the bridge of the familiar to step into the arena of the unfamiliar; the apparently mystical.

Unbecoming everything

You see, we know you as this or that. You could be the medical doctor who is very good in mathematics and science – full stop. Or you could be the great soprano singer. Now while those statements sound complimentary, do you not see some danger in them becoming limiting? And it may be one aspect that puts pressure on you to remain as we know you. If we know you as a great mathematician and scientist, we kind of close your doors to the world of art. It is like you have got to sneak to attend a writers’ congress because we do not expect you to do well in it.

However, if you erase those limiting parameters and allow yourself to be what you are yet to know, you will be opening your third eye and giving yourself opportunity to explore deep and wide. And remember it is not just other people who limit you. In fact, you are your own greatest limiting factor. And you are the only one who can liberate yourself from static limitations, to the realm of uninhibited thinking.

You will let your third eye open up by clearing the self conflict you constantly experience – the conflict of fearing to lose what you have, for example, without being sure that you will have something worthwhile to replace it. Come to think of it – how can you ever add anything into your hand if it is always secured in a tight grip? Liberate yourself from society and then use the conflict within you to undergo a process of self regeneration – that is the advice from Jennifer Ratna-Rosenhagen, the renowned US professor of History who is also an author.

By taking this route of undoing things that are said to make you, it is important that you take into consideration the possibility of not becoming something in particular. In short, you are not striving to free yourself from limitations only to jump into a different form of limitation – no. Embrace the idea of setting yourself free with a view to becoming everything possible; being the authentic you. The fact is that you are a multi-layered individual with diverse and exceptional potential. Let your third eye open your vision to those avenues.

Using apocalyptic glasses to see

Just as Rumi, the Persian poet of the 13 th century, said, whatever you see or observe has its real roots in the world of the unseen. And for you to be able to follow those roots, you need to look through those far reaching lenses. You get to see the truth that exists but we do not see owing to our set beliefs and our perceptions.

Sometimes we are blinded to our potential by where we find ourselves particularly when we are born. This is referred to as caught-reality. Of course there are perceptions we develop because of what we are taught. It could be in school, by our parents, and so on. This way of looking at things is referred to as taught-reality. Then there is the universe that is bigger than us, and with its nature doing its thing without referring to anyone for an opinion. It also has a way of influence our perceptions. This is what is referred to as ought-reality. With all these dimensions that are not necessarily in harmony, we seek to understand them all as a package. What we end up perceiving is the sought reality.

If you have clearly followed this method of opening your 3rd eye, you will appreciate that the apocalyptic glasses are not giving you any specific direction to follow. What it does is just help in opening your third eye so that you are able
to see what you are capable of learning and perceiving without external influences. The apocalyptic glasses are, in effect, immanently a plain white, where they show you neither colorful optimism nor dull pessimism.

Practicing Counter-weltanschauung dynamics

Do not worry about the German jargon. All that the long word, weltanschauung, means is worldview.
You realize that a lot of what you do and what you aim to achieve has its benchmark on the outlook the world gives you about things. But the suggestion here is: try and ignore those world benchmarks and look at things from contrasting viewpoints. See what you come up with.

Inevitably, if you go all out to do that, you will find your third eye opening, and you begin critically evaluating your situation and your contentions. And you will begin to appreciate the world from an open-minded perspective. What essentially this method seeks to achieve is a state of mind that is as open and as authentic as nature itself.

Practicing faux pas dynamics

Well, the idea is not really to go being rude to people, but it is just to develop some carefree attitude of a kind, such that you are not uptight at the thought of going wrong a decimal. Acknowledge deep down you that the world is not stable in anything. As such, circumstances that create a state of happiness in your life are not necessarily eternal. Likewise, those that create an unhappy state are not eternal either. The lesson, therefore, is that you prepare yourself for any eventuality.

Riding on the same wave, when you are succeeding and others seem to be failing, do not be haughty and contemptuous. Be good to them and be sincere about it – not patronizing. You will find yourself experiencing some double jointed spirituality; giving you a pleasant balance. Yet even with that nice feeling, you ought not to revel too much on your successful life lest you slip. Remember pride is what precedes a fall.

In summary, we are saying that it is alright to laugh at everything, good or bad, and even ridiculing what others take to be untouchable. Whereas that tendency keeps the powerful people around in check, it also opens and keeps open your third eye.

Practicing crazy wisdom

Here what you are trying to visualize is your soul. You are seeking some package of wisdom or some software that can connect you to the world of mystery. The third eye is actually the interface you are seeking so that you can
understand that mystery that nobody can solve. In fact, that is the analogy of the famous novelist and poet, Tom Robbins.

In this crazy wisdom, one way of opening your third eye is trying to be the effective link between youth and adulthood. So, somehow, you get to become this beginner who is eager and open to learning, and that mature person who is full of wisdom. You will be that person that is neither a fool per se, and nor a wise person. In essence, you will be ready to critic what others take to be ideal, and you will seek to dismantle and analyze the beliefs of a pragmatist.

This is not madness – not in the least. What is it then? Critiquing a pragmatist the same way you critic an idealist? Yes; there is good reason for that. Appreciate that pragmatism and idealism can go hand in hand. Pragmatism
keeps you grounded while idealism keeps your vision alive. With that marriage of perspectives, you will open your third eye, embrace fresh ideas that pragmatists would otherwise smother, and then implement them in a realistic
way, contrary to the way idealists do – getting lost in fantasy. In summary, this crazy wisdom of yours will widen your paradigm, and you will begin to be creative in thinking and deed. And it is no secret, really, that you need to be creative in order to emerge a genius. And that tells you how much more creative you need to be if you are to appreciate the world of mystery.

How about opening your Third Eye in unconventional ways? Third Eye_ Third Eye Activation Mastery, Proven And Fast Working Techniques To Increase Awareness And Consciousness NOW ! – third eye, opening the third eye, astral projection, lucid dreaming

How about opening your Third Eye in unconventional ways, How about opening your Third Eye in unconventional ways, How about opening your Third Eye in unconventional ways,How about opening your Third Eye in unconventional ways


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