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Health -Law of Attraction_ The Secret Power of The Universe (Using Your Subconscious Mind, Visualization & Meditation for Manifesting Happiness, Love, Money & Success) Inspirational Self Help Book 

Before I begin this chapter I first want to make it clear that I am in no way condoning or suggesting avoiding medical doctors if you have a serious medical condition. However, you should also know that The Law of Attraction could
cure any kind of mental or physical ailment as well. As I stated at the beginning of this book, no, we can’t simply grow back missing limbs. Instead, if you are using The Law of Attraction, you wouldn’t grow back an arm, but you might receive an email from a doctor wanting to create a prosthetic for you, possibly even at no cost to you.

With this beautiful blessing our higher power has given us, we have the power to cure any physical and mental sickness. We can cure phobias and weight problems. We can cure any kind of disorder you have. If you are someone who was born with a syndrome or disease, you may not be able to cure it completely, but you will be able to live a normal and better more fulfilled life by using the LOA, even with these issues.

I have mentioned in many of the previous chapters the concept of writing lists. These lists will be more useful to you than you realize. First of all, when we list things, we are listing every little thing that we want as specifically as possible. When we look at and read these lists, it helps us to remember these specific things that we want, in perfect detail as we wrote it. Sure, without the  list, we still have a vague idea of what we want, but vague isn’t good enough for The Universe to understand exactly what it is we want.

Using a list and reading it on a daily basis helps to embed these dreams of ours into our subconscious minds – into our memory, which is the key to getting what we want. When we have exactly what we want completely memorized, it ensures that we are able to ask for the exact same thing every time we visualize. If the specifics of what we are asking for is a little bit different than what we asked for the last time, this leads to confusion as to what The Universe thinks you want. If the Universe is confused as to what you want and what it believes you already have (or don’t have) then it is impossible for your higher power to give it to you. So really, this list is more for your own sake. You are using it to memorize it so mot to confuse your higher power of what it is you want.

When you write your list of what you want to achieve in life, your wishes of health must go on that list. If you have a sickness or ailment that you are tying to fix or change, then write this down on your list of goals. If you end up with an ailment after you have already written your list, then update the list. Your wishes of health can be as simple or as complicated as you wish. Do you want clearer skin? Do you want to lose weight? Do you want to level out your blood sugar? Do you want to quit smoking? Write them all down.

If you have discovered that you have larger ailments that require medical attention, than while you are seeking that attention, write those things on your list too. Are you in therapy learning to walk again? Do you have cancer? Have you been stricken down with pneumonia? Do you have severe asthma?

Many of the more serious aliments are always a possibility to cure as well. Even AIDS has been documented being cured by using The LOA. However, don’t forget the discussion about how your subconscious mind must wholeheartedly believe that you what you are asking for will occur in your life. Unfortunately, this is much harder to do with your more serious illnesses. So experiment with what your mind is capable of while at the same time, seeking out the medical attention you need.

If you are sick, read your wish of goals daily, even several times a day. Continuously tell your higher power how happy and thankful for the health that you di have and then be thankful that your major ailments are already on their way to being healed. You must live as though you have never even had the ailment to begin with. Medical attention combined with the use of your mentally positive attitude will bring more health and success to you than seeking medical attention alone.

Use comedy, friends and fun times to keep your spirits up as often as you can. You need to smile and laugh as much as you can. Do what ever you need to do in order to keep your spirits up and your own vibrating frequency on the same frequency as the health you aiming to acquire. Don’t think the words disease or the name or symptoms of your ailment at all. Focus on ONLY HEALTH!

In other words, don’t write down on your list, “I don’t want to have breast cancer anymore.” Doing that is completely focusing on the fact that you have breast cancer, which is defeating your purpose. Write on your list, “I am so happy that my breasts are healthy,” again, only focus on the health aspect of it, not your sickness.

Mediating is good to use to help heal your body. Find a quiet place and spend a few minutes a day doing this exercise:

Close your eyes and relax. Then start from the top of your head. Imagine a glowing or light of white or glitter, or any mystical design that you find a sign of positive energy and health. White is usually the best as this color is a sign of health. Imagine this swirl around your head and pulling out any negativity. Imagine this white swirl literally pulling out anything toxic to the body. This includes sickness, disease and unpleasant thoughts. Then imagine the swirl surrounding your neck, shoulders and arms, pulling more toxic energy from your body. Then the swirl will continue around your chest and abdominal area. Then imagine it around your hips, private areas, legs and feet.

Once you have finished this process, you can take it one step further if you’d like and imagine this purity swirling through the insides of your body. Feel it go around all your vital organs, muscles, and tendons, etc. You can even imagine this magical swirl running through your bloodstream and veins. Visually imagine this white swirl collecting all the toxins, illnesses and negative energy as it sails through your body. Then, watch it as it bursts, sending every negative thought, illness, ailment, pain, disease, or impurity, out and as far away from your body as possible. Watch the negative energy dissipate as it goes.

Before I end this chapter I would like to share with you an example of how being thankful for my health, and keeping my mind only on my health has worked for me. Believe this story or not, it happened.

Before I knew about The Law of Attraction I had a very small lump on one of my breasts. I never went to the doctor for it. Maybe out of fear or peer negligence but either way I didn’t go.

Because I didn’t go to the doctor, I don’t know if this lump was malignant or benign. But it was there for a long time, and it was growing. It was growing, although very slowly. Every night in the bath I would look at it and feel it to see
if it was bigger than the night before. This went on for about two years. Thankfully it never got bigger than a coffee bean.

After learning about The Law of Attraction, like I said, I went into it full gear with it. In my medicine cabinet I placed a note where I could see it every morning. The note said, “My health is keeping me alive. Thank you for my health.” This is something I got from one of Rhonda Byrne’s books.

At any rate, I read that note every morning and then repeated it over and over for several minutes each time I saw it. I would also read the note several more times throughout the day as I used the restroom. I would actually feel great too as I would repeat the phrase, “My health is keeping me alive. Thank you for my health.” In addition, I also used the exercise above several times a week.

For about 3 weeks I never checked the lump on my breast. I don’t know why I didn’t check it. I believe it was because I was so focused on the other aspects of my life that the LOA was helping me to achieve that I just didn’t think about the lump. Then one night while I was taking my bath, I decided to check it. THE LUMP WAS GONE! Gone, gone, gone! After 2 years of worrying that I could have cancer, it was finally gone.

There is a similar story in the movie, “The Secret.” I cannot prove to you that my story is the truth and not stolen from the movie. But I know it and God knows it to be true. So as I write this with tears in my eyes, “I would like to thank you my Lord, once again. Thank you for my health, for my health is keeping me alive. Thank you so very much.”

Feeling positive and happy prevents disease and sickness. When you get sick it isn’t only because you have caught it from someone, but it also because your emotions were not healthy. Disease and sickness cannot live in an emotionally healthy body. It is absolutely possible to cure yourself by having a positive outlook on life. However, it is much easier to prevent sickness in the first place by having a positive attitude than it is to cure it. Keeping yourself emotionally happy, thankful for every little thing you have, thankful for your talents, thankful for the air and the life that you have been given will help to ensure that you live a fully and abundantly in all areas of your life; money, health, love, friends, and power can all be yours.

Health -Law of Attraction_ The Secret Power of The Universe (Using Your Subconscious Mind, Visualization & Meditation for Manifesting Happiness, Love, Money & Success) Inspirational Self Help Book 

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