Have Confidence! You May Fail Many Times Before You Succeed

Have Confidence! You May Fail Many Times Before You Succeed

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Have Confidence! You May Fail Many Times Before You Succeed -Law of Attraction_ The Secret Power of The Universe (Using Your Subconscious Mind, Visualization & Meditation for Manifesting Happiness, Love, Money & Success) Inspirational Self Help Book 

Everyone who has ever achieved anything in life knew they were going to do it. If you look back on your life right now, you will notice that with everything that you have ever accomplished, you had an emotional drive to accomplish it. You had kept the frame of mind that you were going to achieve that goal no matter what it took. You also had complete faith that you were going to do it.

Do you know what happens to those who do not have the confidence that they are going to achieve a goal? They give up. It’s inevitable. People fail all the time, but achievers sometimes have to fail and fail and fail again before succeeding.

Babe Ruth, the greatest known baseball player in history had the record for the most homeruns during his time. But he also had the record for the most strikeouts during his time. Thomas Edison had 1000 failed attempts at the light bulb before he finally got it right. Henry Ford went bankrupt five times before he succeeded.


Albert Einstein didn’t speak until he was four and didn’t read until he was seven. Not reading till the age of seven in this day and age isn’t so abnormal, but Einstein’s teachers described him as mentally slow. Yet look at what he has accomplished in his life! In High School Robin Williams was voted, “least likely to succeed.” That doesn’t seem to be the case now, does it?

What did all these people have in common? The stacks were against each and every one of these people yet not one of them thought for a moment that they would fail as others thought. Each and every one of these people, despite what others thought, had the confidence within themselves that they would make their dreams come true-and they did.

That is exactly how you need to feel about you’re your goals and all of your endeavors. It’s an unfortunate thing that not everyone automatically has this kind of self-confidence naturally. Luckily there are ways to get around this wall. You are going to need to brainwash yourself just the same as we talked about brainwashing our subconscious minds.

Believing in The Law of Attraction is a wonderful thing. There is so much that you can do with it. For many, believing isn’t an issue, but instead, it’s continuously keeping their emotions at a high and happy frequency that is the issue.

We all have our bad moments. Even people who have been studying and using The Law of Attraction for years have negative thoughts. We can’t prevent them completely and as said before, we really don’t want to for they come from our conscious mind, which is something we need for our own protection.

What we can do though is moderate these negative thoughts, and through doing this, we will train our emotions until one day the happiness that we feel will come to us as naturally as breathing. The keys training our subconscious mind are through repetition and positive self-talk.

Although people like Jim Jones, Adolph Hitler and Kim Jong-un have caused much chaos, destruction and pain and suffering in the world, may people believe them to be geniuses. The reason for this is because they were so good at brainwashing.

But were they really geniuses? You might be very surprised at just how easy it really is to brainwash someone and that it is even easier to brainwash yourself. Just like anything else that we learn to do throughout our lives, repetition is needed.

Stand in front of a mirror and repeat this phrase:

“I am a successful (add what ever you want to be). I am so thankful that I have (state what you have and/or what you want to have). I know that I can and will do anything that I set my mind to. Thank you Lord (or whatever you believe it) for believing in me and for helping me to believe in myself. Thank you for giving me the drive and the perseverance to help me achieve full success in all of my endeavors.”


Once you know exactly what it is you want, take this phrase and make it as specific as possible to what you want to achieve. You can shorten this in any way that you like so as long as you keep the parts that you find most important to you. Also, remember that you don’t need to have accomplished these things already. You are training your subconscious mind to believe that they have already happened so that your bodily actions will follow suit and make them happen.

This phrase may be difficult to believe the first couple times you say it to yourself. But the longer and more often you stand in front of that mirror repeating this phrase, the more you will start to believe it. You will start to smile. You will begin to feel excited about it. Once that feeling shows up, say the phrase a few more times and then walk away.

If you stay in front of the mirror and repeat it for too long, you may start doubting what you are doing. Walking away from the mirror at a moment you are feeling positive about what you are telling yourself will prevent that from happening so that, in case you do start doubting, you don’t end up sending out a negative energy about it into The Universe.


I still do this on a daily basis. I still have my negative doubtful moments, but when I do this, it lifts my spirits. Even throughout the day while I’m cleaning my house or grocery shopping, I will say things like this to myself. I’m not sure if it’s something that I will one day not need to do anymore or if it’s something that even the people studying this for the last 30 years still need to do from time to time. I just know that it works and that I will do it as long as needed.

This should be done anytime you notice your emotions slipping into a negative area. You can use this for every aspect of your life. Sometimes I get a negative thought about the kind of wife and mother I am. I try to catch myself in those moments and immediately turn my thoughts around by telling myself what a great wife and mother I am.

I just repeat the same thing over again until I feel happy about it. Then, I let it go. Make sure that every time you use positive self-talk, which should be very often, you thank The Universe each and every time. I don’t just tell myself what a great wife and mother I am, but I also thank my creator for what a great wife and mother I am and for bringing to me my beautiful family to begin with.

Sometimes it is hard for us to catch ourselves in our negative thoughts. That’s what our feelings are there for. Obviously, when we are feeling bad, those feelings are being caused by our negative thoughts. When you notice that you are in a bad mood or feeling down, try and figure out what it is you are thinking that is causing these emotions in you. Use this to catch yourself and turn your thoughts around. Once your thoughts are turned around, it makes it easier to turn your feelings around too. This is also important to do for your physical health as well.

Have Confidence! You May Fail Many Times Before You Succeed -Law of Attraction_ The Secret Power of The Universe (Using Your Subconscious Mind, Visualization & Meditation for Manifesting Happiness, Love, Money & Success) Inspirational Self Help Book 

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